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How to Guest Post and Advertise Here


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Guest Post Submission Requests

  1. Please include a working title, brief excerpt of the post, and an author by-line. 
  2. Post should be high quality original work. 
  3. Post's should have 500-1000 words.
  4. Include one dofollow back-link in author by-line.
  5. Post must not be published anywhere online.

Advertisement and Review Requests
  1. Please specify what type of business, website, blog or product you want to advertise or would like a   review for on my blog. Include links. Advertising fee is $30.00 a month. 
  2. Paid Review Post's are $40.00 Includes a dofollow back link.
  3. Payments shall be made via PayPal to an email account I will provide in the email reply confirming your advert prior to display.
  4. You may request updates and changes in your posts at any time in the first two months of order given a 4 day time period for the changes to take effect.


    Your website/blog must not be banned from Google search for any reason.
    Your website/blog must not contain any pornographic or hate related content.
    Your website/blog must not contain any plagiarized content, images, music, or file downloads.
    All advertising requests will be placed into review, approval is upon my sole discretion. If your website/blog meets my approval, you will be notified via email and sent a copy of the completed review for your approval. There is no guarantee as to traffic this advertisement may or may not generate for your website/blog.
    There is no promise of positive feedback, discussion, or promotions concerning your advertisement besides the general promotion of this blog.
    There in fact may be negative feedback concerning your advertisement, and you understand and agree that this blog will not anyway be held responsible or liable for such feedback, discussion, or commentary.

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