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I started this blog during the summer of 2008. I had no idea where it would take me. Initially I started it with the sole purpose of trying to make extra money online while going through separation, divorce and a nasty custody battle. But, it rapidly evolved  into an ongoing diary of sorts. I began documenting my personal life publicly. The depression, living in a domestic violence shelter, separation, divorce, life after divorce, dealing with betrayal, my healing process through all of this, and then...

I got HAPPILY re-married, lost 50lbs, was awarded the 2011 Ann Arbor Community Spirit Award and won 5 first place video competition awards. Today, my little family and I are living happily in the present moment ever after!

Back in August of 2011, I was going to retire this blog.
I accomplished just about everything I set out to do almost 5 years ago. But, after reviewing and editing every post from the beginning I realized that my story can help others. And, even more amazing good news and life changing events have taken place. So, I am excited to continue to raise and nurture this baby blog of mine, to delve deeper into how the law of attraction (LoA) works and to hopefully inspire a few of you to go after your dreams no matter how dark the present moment is.

Allow Your Bliss,

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