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Monday, April 30, 2012

All real change happens at once.

I'm sorry for being late on updating you with all the most wonderful magic happening in my little Universe.
Five years ago this August I went to the shelter with my baby girl. Today, I am officially a shopkeeper at an upscale boutique downtown Ann Arbor. The way it all came about is nothing more than pure luck, reaching out and never giving up.

My most wonderful problem today is trying to figure out how to explain to the public housing authority that someone like me, high potential but low income can own a shop on a busy street downtown with no money of my own.

I will fill the three of you in on the details next time. But, for now just know that whatever it is you want in your life really can come true, it takes effort but that's cumulative effort over the period of your life. So, it does not take that much effort if you stay present and ask or tell someone what your wishes are. And then you just take the most baby of steps towards your wishes. Always be grateful for what is presented to you. Be aware, and apologize when necessary. But don't overdo the apologizing, true friends will tell you there's no need for it.

Five years ago while in the shelter I told everyone, "I am a success story!"
Five years ago, I told my (now) wonderful 3rd and final husband I wanted music in my life again. Boy, do I ever have music.

I never knew what it felt like to win the proverbial lottery until now. For me, I have been crying tears of joy. But, just between us it's really tears of survival. What I learned so far after taking a major leap of faith and going after what I felt I deserved is that, yes I indeed deserve to be treated so much better. The Universe is giving me that treatment. Thank you.


P.S...    I say it's the Law of Attraction, but my Jesse Sinatra says, "It's the Law of Tanya's Attraction!"


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