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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Multiple Personalities can be GOOD

12 August 2011
As my wonderful hubby and I took our walk this morning, I could not help but notice how much more vibrant the sky, trees, flowers, fountains, ponds and sounds of nature were!

We kept up a nice athletic stride, and reflected, laughed and reveled about our life together and last night’s SPECTACULAR evening!

We were invited as special guests to a Gala event.  It was the opening ceremony for the 33rd annual Ypsilanti Heritage Festival at the Yankee Air Museum.  What a place!

At least 300 people were there, photographers snapping shots of us, glass flutes of champagne pouring, dozens of caterers offering sophisticated hors d'oeuvres, new friends, dear friends, and even the mayor; (who ego wants to be acknowledged here) asked "me" if he could take my picture just before I was going to ask him!  hehe

As we walked along the pond, hubby and I were greeted by hearty bull frogs and riveting locusts vibrating through the trees. We have walked this path many times, but today was brand new. "How did we get here?"  Just 6 years ago I was a new mom, severely depressed, lonely, and could never had imagined how happy and wonderful my life is today.

Back then I was "Spygrrl", my online alter ego. When I could not take care of myself she would step in and take charge. She is the one who ultimately got me into the domestic violence shelter with my baby and out of a traumatic 2nd marriage.

But who got me "here"  today?

Unbeknownst to me, it was my long lost retired alter ego from 20 years ago, "Safety Girl”. She took over for me when I was a single teen mom. She created a business and eventually an underground cult show on public access T.V. for safer sex.

After the shelter, living out of my car and on friends couches with my baby girl and finally in a transitional apartment, living in the "meantime" while in a heated 4 year custody battle, "Ypsigirl" was born.

I became a pink haired, tutu wearing woman about town on public access T.V. who, eventually fell in love again and married "Safety Girl's" camera man, "Spygrrls" staunch loyal friend, my wedding singer, MY Jesse Sinatra.

Last night it wasn't Safety Girl at the gala, and it was not her walking with my new Sinatra singer husband, who crewed on Safety Girls show and sang at both of her previous weddings.

Today, yesterday, 6 years and 20 years ago it was "me", Tanya. The woman in front of all my alter egos who got us to this event. The woman who created  Spygrrl, Safety Girl, YpsiGirl, and my newest personality, who helped me shed 50lbs"Ms. Baggypants."

On today's walk, I learned that it IS MY "personality" that got me here. I have never felt more satisfied with all the choices I've made over the past 20 years. As Tom Robbins says “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” And to think, I say this living on a fixed income with my beautiful 5 year old daughter and dear sweet loving wedding singer Vietnam era veteran Husband!!! Last night was WONDERFUL, but waking up today next to Jesse was even better!

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