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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

It WORKS!!!!!

Here I am a year late in updating my blog. So many wonderful events have taken place. I am now on a new path, finally free of a traumatic 4 year court custody battle.

Justice has shown me that she does in fact exist, and on top of that I made it to my goal weight.
I lost 40 pounds and 20 inches off my body!!!

I am ever soo happily married to my Sinatra wedding singer- the one I've known for 17 years and who sang at both of my other weddings. ;)

We are in a passionate love affair.
I have the marriage I always dreamed of as a little girl.

Our life together is Loyal, Honest, and our Love is Unconditional.
Every day our life together is filled with Abundant Affection and Support in everything we do.

I can't tell you how good it feels to have a staunch ally who Stands Up for me, and treats me like his Queen. I come first, not second or third.
We accept each others weaknesses with love, there is no trying to "change" each other. How refreshing!

We have an award winning public access T.V. show.
Lots of press too.
A cozy two bedroom public housing apartment community with a pool, tennis court, parks, gardens, ducks and a pond with a fountain.

We are a part of a melting pot of beautiful families of all nationalities and religions living in peace together. There is no need to "keep up with the Jones's, or the Husian's, or the Browns." There is respect and compassion for each others lives and where we come from. Our children play together and we don't need to speak each others language to get along. I just LOVE it!

So what if "we" are low income. I'm not embarrassed. I have what a lot of rich people can't buy.

There is one particular memory that has vividly stayed with me since I was 5 years old, playing with my barbies. Ken and Barbie were getting hitched. My extremely vocal Aunt was in the room and told me:
"It's just as easy to marry a rich man as it is a poor one." 

I stood my ground with her, saying:
"It has to do with being in love not rich. I would marry a poor man for love instead of a rich man for money!"  This coming from a 5 year old. ;)

Not a day goes by that we are not verbally grateful to be living life together so happy and in love. We consider our lives as living in abundance, rich and successful no matter what challenges might come our way. We know together we will get through it as long as we stay present.

This blog is now retired. I am beginning a new one that will incorporate many of the ideals I have shared about here into my new business called:

Ms. Baggypants... "Surprise It's Me!"
A motivational based weight-loss program that incorporates the law of attraction, connecting with the universe, and reinventing your life for the better spiritually.

Ms. Baggypants has been a dream of mine for 6 years. I am proud to announce she is finally out of my head and online. ;) I am busy working on her approach and program.

It is my #1 goal to make her available to ALL women who want to reinvent their lives regardless of economics. In the upcoming months clients will be able to have weekly in person consultations including materials that will help to support their goals. A sliding scale fee will be available to those who have the spirit and live low income.

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