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Friday, June 18, 2010

Catch the latest buzz!

It is truly amazing how the Universe works for us as long as we LET it. I know I have been absent over here but that sure does not mean I've been lazy or given up. Here is a little recap on what has been happening in my neck of the woods- I have to make it short today but I promise I'll be back to explain more in detail soon.

Two months ago my little princess and I hitched a ride on a vibrational match to a home of our own with my love, Jesse. She now has her own room and it's painted like a fairy tale setting. We have some woods in our back yard with sooo many different birds and butterflies. We even have a nice swimming pool in the complex. I worked hard at getting us in here, it's public housing and the wait list was two years. I even got denied at first due to such bad credit, but I sent the property owners a heartfelt letter explaining our situation and why my credit was so horrible.

They "accepted me" and put us on the list! Finally, my honesty worked for us. lol

Jesse and I have been busy filming in our community for my public access television show and we even got some great press about our work here:

Oh... I've lost 23 pounds too. ;)

There is soo much more I am excited to share... but right now my little princess wants us to go outside and paint.

Have a wonderful day and let's meet up again soon in the near present moment.


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