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Monday, August 24, 2009

Craigslist Barter ad: My storage unit for what ever.

Treasures for what-ever...

If I don't have anything I don't have anything to worry about.

After all most getting evicted from my storage unit, I had to make a decision if it is worth the $100.00 a month to store my personal treasures.

I took a long look at my things in the unit, started to put aside a few items I just couldn't part with. To my surprise the things that nobody else would want or pay for were the things I knew I could not part with.

So with this insight I took a drastic measure and posted my storage unit on craigslist.
I have to be out of the unit before September 6, 2009-

I have been keeping a storage unit for too long in hopes that I would either have a home to move into or a retro/thrift shop on mich ave in ypsilanti.

Maybe my luck will change if I just get rid of it all.

Many cool things, fancy things, retro and vintage items, clothes, and some junk.

It would be nice if the bidder would return any personal items found- ie: pic's, journals, baby memories.

Highest Bidder will win and must clear out the unit on Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some items in the unit include:

Wedding gifts from two marriages:
Crystal glasses and such-
Grandmas working sewing machine-
Americana t.v. dinner trays-
Bikes in need of repair-
Brand new work lights-
Business supplies-
2 working air conditioners-
2 NEW shop light kits-
Various Furniture-
Baby items-toys-etc...
Kitchen appliances-
Camping supplies and nice family tent-
Retro Clothes- Sexy Costumes & props used for a local T.V. show from the nighties-
Lots of retro and old time music: Records, tapes, and C.D's-
VHS movies-
Crafting supplies-
Lots of Books: woman's studies, business, lesbian genre, sexuality, self help, metaphysical-
Various house hold items-

the lock to the unit-
....much much more.... Winning Bidder Must take EVERY Thing.

I will post more pictures of stuff in the unit through out the week.


Barbara Rae said...

Wow, that is really a big step to leaving the past behind and starting over! You are on your way to a brand new beginning!

ConnieFoggles said...

I'm finding if I have something hidden away for awhile and haven't looked at it it's probably not worth keeping. Good for you! Think of all the money you'll be saving!

Linda said...

They did you a favor and you might end up with some cash as well!

ALS of Nevada said...

WOW! You had a lot of stuff in there. I hope it works out for ya!

Mkcoy said...

Ohh spygrrl but what if there are things in there that are personal and could be used to copy your identity etc? I hope you get rid of anything like that first. And are you sure there isn't anything in there that is really valuable? You should do an inventory of it all. But hey I wish you the best of luck with it all and selling it. PS. I replied you on my cashback blog thanks for coming by I do like to hear from you from time to time :)

Cady said...

Wow, I can't believe you sold it on Craigslist. That really is a big step and something that I know was hard to do.

Emily Veinglory: said...

Generally speaking I think you need something and use it, or don;t need it. Stroage is great for moving and stuff like that but otherwise it becomes expensive!

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