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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 25: LoA 30 Day Challenge: Create Your Work Shop for Deliberate Creation!

Day 25: Today's LoA Challenge will take 6 minutes to complete. Today fellow co-creators we are going to create our own workshop in order to attract what we want in our life right now!
Your task for today is to choose up to THREE important things you want in your life!
You will need a piece of paper for each subject.
Write down at the top of each paper your "Desire".
Now, finish this sentence: "These are the reasons I want this...." Write until you can not come up with anymore reasons, don't think about your grammar or spelling, and do this in your own handwriting. Now, write and finish this sentence the same way:
"I believe that I will have...( fill in the blank) for these reasons:"
Lastly, for the rest of the day... in every situation you find yourself in, deliberately look for ONLY the things you like. For example, personally I have such a hard time going down stairs, where my dad is dying on the couch, where the blinds are drawn, windows closed, and even though it is summer time, and 70 degrees outside the heater is turned up, and a space heater is next to his feet on the couch. It is dark, sweltering, the stench of death welcomes me at the bottom of the stairs. This can be depressing, and hard on my emotions. It is like living full time for the past 7 months inside a dreary, low income hospice. But for the rest of the day, I will focus on what I like about the downstairs:
  1. I love seeing how much my plant has grown over the years, knowing it has traveled with me and shared our journey on the road, making several stops along the way and resting and still growing in several temporary housing units.
  2. I love remembering when I first bought it, how small it was, and how much care I have given it over the years in spite of our living arrangements. It's continued growth and flourishing leaves signify my own growth over the years.
  3. As I am downstairs, I love to hear the songs my canary sings, vibrating through out the entire place, waiting for me to return to our room.
  4. I love to see my mom's cats tails swaying under the curtain as they nestle behind it to watch the birds on the other side of the window.
  5. I love to see my dad's parrot, waiting for dad to wake up, watching over my him diligently.

  1. These are the things I like downstairs.
  2. These are the things I will focus on the rest of the day.
  3. I bet you anything, that the days to follow I will find more things I like downstairs.
Our Universe is magnetic. What ever it is you feel emotional about you will attract to yourself with great speed because your emotions are stronger than thought. Be as clear as possible in your thoughts today. Focus on the senses such as color, sound, the vivid imagery. This is our access into the creative consciousness of our Universe, in which anything is possible!
Your thoughts and the emotions behind those thoughts is your workshop, you are bringing the data you need into your existence, and thus attracting what you want, instead of what you don't want.
For an extra support tool I have included a short 6 minute video tutorial explaining more in depth how to go about creating your workshop today.
Follow your bliss, -tanya


Diane Scott said...

While the font changes threw me off a bit, your message is loud and clear and great advice :) I confess I did this challenge mentally because it's going on 1 a.m. here, but the whole law of attraction does resonate with me :)

Christina the coffee lady said...

I is good to see someone actually trying to do something to make their life better... keep it up!

Cady said...

That's a great exercise, something that everyone should try.

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