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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 23: Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge: Nurse your spirit Day!

Day 23: Nurse your spirit Day!
What is funny is that I feel like even on bad days, because I have not given up on the law of attraction that the Universe is still working on my behalf. It offers me opportunities to get myself out of feeling bad. I am a paid blogger and freelance writer.
But I have kept this blog separate, as it is my personal journey.
However, today a Scrubs assignment popped up on my dashboard that inspired me.
It offered brilliant, straightforward tools to use on my journey, working with the Law of Attraction.
An assignment that I believe is a sign from the Universe, to help me and others to take better care of our spirits. So I am making it my and yours:
Day 23 Law of Attraction Challenge:
Today we are going to nurse our spirit.
In just a few minutes from now you will have two more support tools under your Law of Attraction belt. You will learn how to acknowledge and release pint up frustrations. You will learn simple recipes to care for your body, making you feel good inside and out that don’t cost you a penny.
Here my fellow co-creators are two inspiring articles written by nurses. Reading through these articles today, on a day when my ego was demanding me to feel bad, I found myself feeling uplifted, supported emotionally, and eager to make a body scrub from products I have in the kitchen cabinets. Simple yes, but keeping me present and feeling good on a day like today is profound.
The other side of Nurses.
The Gratitude Walk:
Learn simple tools to feel better emotionally right now!
The Beauty Stimulus Package:
Learn about various kitchen products already in the cupboards that you can use to look younger, feel better and healthier.


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