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Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 21: LoA 30 day challenge: Allowing Your Vibrational Escrow

Day 21

Well, It sure has been a whirl wind of a ride taking on this Law of Attraction challenge.

If I had followed through every day with this challenge my 30 days would have been done this past weekend. But, I decided at the very beginning of this task that the 30 days do not have to be consecutive. This gives me permission to not let it be "work," but instead my hobby.

When I am not blogging about the LoA, I am still riding the Universe's vibrational wave!

Today, my diminutive readers, we will allow the Universe to deposit our vibrational escrow into our personal accounts. What I mean by this is that we are asking the Uni' to give us exactly what we are a vibrational match for at this present time in our life.

I have included a 5 minute video at the bottom of this post to help support you in this task for today.

Everyone has their own unique way of doing this. For me, I first wrote down in my journal how "satisfied" I am with my present situation. I stated exactly all the positive parts about not having a home of my own. I expressed what I am grateful for in my present situation, and I asked the Universe this:

"Uni', please deposit into my personal account what I am a vibrational match for at this moment."

For me, I am wanting desperately a home and a legitimate job.
I know I will receive my home, because I want it now. I also know that I will receive a nicer home later. I want a home sooner and later, as it meets my present situation.

I also know that I want a job that does not necessary pay a lot in money, but pays in integrity and passion. The money will follow. What is more important is that I want a job that fits my personality perfectly.

This is what I have been focusing on for the past week, diligently.
I set into motion my current primary dreams by taking action.
I applied for a variety of jobs, sent out over 30 resumes. The jobs I applied for were not necessarily positions I am passionate about but I decided that I just needed to apply for anything to get vibrating to me what is mine.

I got a call and an interview for a job that was full time, pays great and would have trained me in a trade I could use for the future. The down side was that I would not be with my little princess as much, and honestly- SHE is my main job, I do not want someone else raising her for me.

So, I began to think what is it that I am passionate about that I could do on a part time basis?

Remember Pat? The 70 year old low income lady I have been blogging about? Well, Since the beginning of this challenge I have been paying her regular visits, and supporting her on a variety of tasks she needs assistance with. I do this not for money, (she is low income) but instead because I want to as a friend. The best part about hooking up with her is that I feel less depressed about my present situation, and when I leave her place I feel uplifted and at peace with myself.

What else is interesting, is during this challenge I have observed a darker perspective of what it is like being a senior living in a low income housing facility, something I plan to write more in depth about later on. But it is something that has awakened in me, a deep desire to be an advocate, a voice for those less fortunate than myself.

So, with this said the Uni' gave me my vibrational match at this present moment, in an idea.

"Tanya, you should be a direct care personal assistant."

I have kept this thought to myself for almost a week, allowing the universe to work it's magic and to point me in the right direction. Some phenomenal results have taken place, I will update the three of you on what I mean by this soon. But for now, all I can say is that, YES, the Law of Attraction is in deed real and alive in you!

Now, go withdraw your escrow:

What are you a match for at this moment?


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