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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 19: Jump back on the LoA Band Wagon.

Well, I guess I've had a bit of a law of attraction 30 day challenge breakdown. Had to take a break from it, and let my darn ego feel bad. I did something I rarely do, I blogged on myspace about "feeling bad"- and even questioned being a LoA poser.

I decided that this was my way of releasing any hidden negativity I have stored.
Oprah recently made some peoples dreams come true on the air. One individual told her he had given up on his dream along with a good cry just one day before Oprah contacted him.

This got me thinking, maybe it IS OK to have a good cry and to feel bad over your dreams not coming true. Oprah told him that maybe that is what he needed to do in order to release his fears and to attract his dream.

So, after several days of feeling bad over not having a home of my own, and expressing exactly what my current living situation is in between tears, I have given up feeling bad over this, and instead accept it for what it is, pain and all.

I'm back baby! The new mantra I tell my little princes,

"Home is where your mom is."

So, our task for today and for the rest of this challenge is to revisit: Day 16 LoA Challenge- Get out of my own way and stop thinking and expressing what bothers me PERIOD!

Your comments about falling off and back on the Universal Creative Consciousness Band Wagon are so darn appreciated- ;)


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