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Monday, May 04, 2009

Day 18: What happens in the Universe stays in the Universe.

Day 18: LoA 30 Day Challenge-
What happens in the Universe stays in the Universe.
Something struck me last night; it was strong enough to cause me to doubt the magic of our Universe. It reeled in harsh criticism. I actually let it take a toll on me, believing that I am fragile and maybe a little crazy to be taking this challenge and documenting it for the entire world to see.
I have been living successfully for the past month almost, with a new outlook on how life could be by acting as if my life is already exactly what I want it to be like. While working the tools of the law of attraction some amazing, magical moments have taken place right in front of me. Personally I have gone through a spiritual metamorphosis.
These past 20 days I have been swimming in happiness, joy, contentment, love and compassion. Twenty dollar bills fly in the wind and land at my feet, everything I ask for I receive. I live more in the present than I ever have before. I feel compassion for others like never before. There is laughter and song in my life. There is kindness, appreciation and gratitude. My pace has slowed down to allow me to do most actions with grace.
When ego shows up I decline its invitation to take me out of the present. I am listening more, talking less, feeling more and thinking less. Doing more and working less. I love myself just as I am. I am connected to something awesome, plugged into a universal consciousness. I feel the energy, a high vibration pulsating through me, coming from and returning to the center of a vector in linear space. The field of where we all share one consciousness.
So, why did my feelings get hurt last night over doing something good for a complete stranger? Why did I feel out of place in our Universe? Why did I question if I belong here with the rest of society? Why did I feel like my spirit is among those that grow out of the cracks in the sidewalk, where most people walk over it without ever acknowledging it is  there? Why did I feel displaced and alone in our Universe?
I kept telling myself and Jesse between tears that it was my ego; I was allowing her some time to feel bad. It wasn’t really me, my spirit is wonderful.
What was it that took hold of me and made me doubt my new found life? It was someone’s opinion, criticism of how I handled that $20.00 dollar bill. How I gave it all away in the midst of being poor and living day to day not knowing how I will get through to the next day. “I was not thinking about myself first.”
WOW! This hurt because it came from someone, whose opinion I truly respect. It made me feel separated from the rest of our world. That is what hurt, because for the past 20 some odd days I have felt as if I belong here, and that I am apart of everyone.
I share the same world as the rest of the people who stroll down the sidewalks. The bicycling, driving, working, panhandling, playing, dreaming souls and the ones living large. I felt connected in a glorious way to everyone. I have had such a breathtaking, magical, energized feeling up until last night.
You know what? I am NOT giving up! I am NOT taking a step back from my magical reality! I LOVE how I live, and love the feelings I get from being an anonymous giver to someone else. This is my reality. That $20.00 could NEVER have bought me the happiness I felt giving it away.
The lesson I learned is that I just need to stay anonymous. I can do this. I can keep the magic of giving to myself and the Universe. I can blog about it, but I Will not share it out loud.
This is my task for today. So, as it is mine it is also yours. What personal lesson have you learned working the law of attraction? How will you apply it so that YOU can continue to feel wonderful and a part of our society while living in the present?


tomhenry said...

You are very on the right path!! On Christmas day I walked around town and looked for someone to buy a meal for or hand some money to. It the very core of the Christian religion, giving!! Wheather or not you are Christian, you are on the right track!!!!!

Ellie Walsh - Living the Law of Attraction said...

Hmmm - What the person told you is quite inaccurate. Obviously you are not poor - Your vibration is of abundance and as you spread your abundance (and not get caught up in other people's opinions) - the Universe will continue to respond to your abundance - with abundance!

Here is what works for me concerning other people - "What other people think of me - is None of my business!"

Have a High Vibe Day!

Karen said...

It sounds like your heart is in the right place, you just need to stay anonymous.

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