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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Day 17 LoA 30 Day Challenge: Pay it Forward Day

You know what happens when you give your undivided attention to someone? Magic baby!

The other day I was busy running errands, I ran into my dear friend Pat, the 70 year old lady who I'm working on getting a scooter for.

Well, she invited me to go over to the Coney Island, a place I really don't like. I also had a number of things on my list to do that day. What is funny is that I started to say, "I really can't." But in the middle of my response I took a deep breath and found myself saying instead,
"Pat, there is no other place I would rather be."

I pushed her wheel chair up to the corner of Michigan Ave in route to the Coney Island just as she remembered that she needed to go to the bank first. I was reluctant to go, knowing this was going to take longer than expected. My list of things "to do" came up in my mind again.

Pat offered to go alone to the bank, and to meet me at the corner in a few minutes so I could get some things I needed out of my car and upstairs.

But again, I found myself taking a deep breath and saying, "that stuff can wait."

On our way to the bank a crisp folded up $20.00 bill flew in the wind, right to my feet!

Well, I told Pat- "Dinner is on the Universe today."

As we sat in the booth another senior lady was singing as she ate at the counter. The manager kept telling her to stop. She probably was not working with a full deck, but she was kind and feeling joyful. As I payed for our bill I asked the waitress to put her dinner on my tab,
"tell her I enjoyed her singing,
but keep me anonymous."

The waitress was truly happy to do this, a little shocked she obviously had never had this happen at a dive like this.

I decided to tip her the rest of my change out of that $20.00 dollar bill. Leaving me with nothing, but a wonderful feeling that I still have right now.

Today, my friends.... Be an anonymous giver to a complete stranger.
Pay it forward in a delicious creative way.


Tanya said...

My day did not turn out at all like I expected. My "to do" list was put on the back burner the rest of the day.

After dinner with Pat, I found myself giving my undivided attention to several residents at the low income high rise, helping them to their doors and chatting with them.

You know what, I actually felt a "vibration" start in my feet and pulse through out my body. It was as if the creative consciousness of our Universe had connected me to it. I felt validated by the Universe. ;)

Tanya said...

At that moment, as the vibrations started I felt centered, grounded and an enormous feeling that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

Oh, how I love my reality!

Follow your Bliss,
aka... spygrrl

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