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Friday, May 01, 2009

Day 16 LoA 30 Day Challenge: Get out of your OWN way.

Day 16
Two more common LoA Mistakes.
1. Where is it?
2. It will happen on this date, this way.
Practicing the LoA on and off over the course of 20 years, I admit that I am so darn guilty of making these common mistakes.
The first one is, “Well, I have the Vision Board, I meditate on it, so… Where the heck is it?”
The other one is, “This is HOW my dreams are going to manifest.”
“I’m going to win the lottery.” Or “I’m going to get that job.” Etc.
Stop telling yourself and the Universe exactly HOW, when, and where your dreams will manifest. I know from personal experience that doing this, you are actually attracting the opposite to you. These common mistakes carry a vibration connecting us to what we “DON’T” want through feeling frustration, impatience, authoritarian, and disappointment.
The point here is that our little minds are not as creative as the universal consciousness. We need to get out of our “own” way and let the Universe work for us through us.
The universe has infinite possibilities, outcomes, and opportunities. Let Uni’ decide what is right for you, and let it go! Don’t get caught up on the way it “should happen.” Treat your dreams like a surprise present delivered to you by the Universal Postal Service.
Your and My Task for today is to STOP talking about any thing that bothers us.
STOP expressing anger and hatred with our particular situation.
STOP feeling powerless and out of control over your state of affairs.
Stop reacting to what bothers us.
Here my fellow co-creators is a fantastic, empowering and uplifting short lecture that will help to support you in this Law of Attraction life-changing task for today.


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