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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 26: LoA 30 Day challenge: “Speaking your Dreams into Existence.”

Day 26:

For the past 7 months I have been following Rebecca Marina, a motivational speaker, spiritual Channel, and Emotional Freedom Tapping expert. She has an enormous collection of youtube videos that guide you on using EFT techniques. As well as several lengthy "free" audio meditation exercises- many that guide you on using the tools of the universe for the Law of Attraction.

Today's LoA Challenge is:

“Speaking your Dreams into Existence.”
May 22, 2009 “Speaking your Dreams into Existence.” By Rebecca Marina

The power of your words is one of the most powerful forces you can use to create what your heart desires. I discovered the power of “Speaking my Dreams into Existence” in a playful manner.

At the tender age of forty I took my first art lesson and loved it. I immediately began to say, “I am an artist…” with a sense of playfulness. I knew I wasn’t really an accomplished artist yet but it gave me so much pleasure to say it and it sounded so good. Amazingly, within one year’s time,

I was charging over one thousand dollars a pop for my beautiful portrait work. More recently one of my brothers jokingly teased me about taking time off. He called me one Monday morning while I was getting a pedicure instead of working. He said, “Oh, so, Rebecca, you make so much in one day that you can just take the rest of the week off?” And I replied, “Oh yes, that sounds so good to me…”

After that point, I started playfully repeating his own words to myself. “You know, I make so much in one day, that I just take the rest of the week off.” Lo and behold, if it didn’t come true in less than a months time. I am am emotional healing workshop leader and within a month my classes started filling up so full that I really did make so much from one day’s work that I could have taken it easy the rest of the week.

Please realize that I’m telling you this, not to make you feel left out, but to encourage you to do it, too. That is my sole purpose for sharing anything with you. So you can do it too and because you can do it too…

The vital key here is to keep it light and playful. The energy of playfulness opens your valves to receiving. When we take our dreams too seriously it can cause an energy of desperation which blocks your flow. If you repeat affirmations with an air of desperation and complete seriousness you stifle the flow. Everything is energy and you attract what you put out, so keep it light and fun while letting the universe know what would be fun for you.

Make it easy on yourself, play a game with this. What dreams would you like to come true? Practice saying them in a joking manner and see how good that feels just to have the words roll off your tongue. Have fun with your words and “Speak your dreams right into Existence”.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You have permission to copy and use this article for website, blog or newsletter content for your readers if you keep this by-line in place: Rebecca Marina is an Emotional Freedom Techniques Expert, Spiritual Channel, known as the ’self help queen’ of Youtube. Visit Rebecca: http://www.rebeccamarina.com

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 25: LoA 30 Day Challenge: Create Your Work Shop for Deliberate Creation!

Day 25: Today's LoA Challenge will take 6 minutes to complete. Today fellow co-creators we are going to create our own workshop in order to attract what we want in our life right now!
Your task for today is to choose up to THREE important things you want in your life!
You will need a piece of paper for each subject.
Write down at the top of each paper your "Desire".
Now, finish this sentence: "These are the reasons I want this...." Write until you can not come up with anymore reasons, don't think about your grammar or spelling, and do this in your own handwriting. Now, write and finish this sentence the same way:
"I believe that I will have...( fill in the blank) for these reasons:"
Lastly, for the rest of the day... in every situation you find yourself in, deliberately look for ONLY the things you like. For example, personally I have such a hard time going down stairs, where my dad is dying on the couch, where the blinds are drawn, windows closed, and even though it is summer time, and 70 degrees outside the heater is turned up, and a space heater is next to his feet on the couch. It is dark, sweltering, the stench of death welcomes me at the bottom of the stairs. This can be depressing, and hard on my emotions. It is like living full time for the past 7 months inside a dreary, low income hospice. But for the rest of the day, I will focus on what I like about the downstairs:
  1. I love seeing how much my plant has grown over the years, knowing it has traveled with me and shared our journey on the road, making several stops along the way and resting and still growing in several temporary housing units.
  2. I love remembering when I first bought it, how small it was, and how much care I have given it over the years in spite of our living arrangements. It's continued growth and flourishing leaves signify my own growth over the years.
  3. As I am downstairs, I love to hear the songs my canary sings, vibrating through out the entire place, waiting for me to return to our room.
  4. I love to see my mom's cats tails swaying under the curtain as they nestle behind it to watch the birds on the other side of the window.
  5. I love to see my dad's parrot, waiting for dad to wake up, watching over my him diligently.

  1. These are the things I like downstairs.
  2. These are the things I will focus on the rest of the day.
  3. I bet you anything, that the days to follow I will find more things I like downstairs.
Our Universe is magnetic. What ever it is you feel emotional about you will attract to yourself with great speed because your emotions are stronger than thought. Be as clear as possible in your thoughts today. Focus on the senses such as color, sound, the vivid imagery. This is our access into the creative consciousness of our Universe, in which anything is possible!
Your thoughts and the emotions behind those thoughts is your workshop, you are bringing the data you need into your existence, and thus attracting what you want, instead of what you don't want.
For an extra support tool I have included a short 6 minute video tutorial explaining more in depth how to go about creating your workshop today.
Follow your bliss, -tanya

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 24: Be unpredictable Day! ;)

You know what I have been needing in a most serious manner?

To do something totally unpredictable. For me this is hard, if you happen to know me personally you would probably say something like, "You couldn't possibly do anything that would surprise me Tanya."

Looking back at some youtube videos I made in 2006- I absolutely have done some pretty unpredictable things and even documented them for all the world to see. lol

Going through such a nasty divorce these past two years, I realized through taking on this Law of Attraction challenge that I have been pretty typical. I let myself go physically, was an emotional wreak, and lost touch with my spirit. I gave up on myself and let people I trusted use, hurt and betray me. For a long ass time I didn't care about myself.

Well, guess what?

That is all in the past, and I most certainly did something totally unpredictable recently.
(The first night being free and officially divorced I was a little disruptive. But something good came out of it.)

I have always loved the flapper era. For as long as I can remember I wanted to look like a modern day flapper. So I went and did it! I cut off my hair, bleached it and started a brand new ME!

Here are my before and after pics for proof. lol

<span class=Photobucket" border="0">

Cutting and bleaching your hair might be too extreme for the three of you.
But, here is where your Day 24 LoA Challenge will really be a fun task:

Today... You need to DO something for YOURSELF that is unpredictable and something you have always wanted to do.
Today my dear friend, you have permission!

As an added support tool for this mission, I'm including that video I made back in 2006... I was feeling like a frumpy ol' housewife... so I did something Just for myself, and I didn't ask permission from ANYONE. Enjoy!

Please, let us all on what you decided to do for yourself, something peeps close to you had no idea you would go through with.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 23: Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge: Nurse your spirit Day!

Day 23: Nurse your spirit Day!
What is funny is that I feel like even on bad days, because I have not given up on the law of attraction that the Universe is still working on my behalf. It offers me opportunities to get myself out of feeling bad. I am a paid blogger and freelance writer.
But I have kept this blog separate, as it is my personal journey.
However, today a Scrubs assignment popped up on my dashboard that inspired me.
It offered brilliant, straightforward tools to use on my journey, working with the Law of Attraction.
An assignment that I believe is a sign from the Universe, to help me and others to take better care of our spirits. So I am making it my and yours:
Day 23 Law of Attraction Challenge:
Today we are going to nurse our spirit.
In just a few minutes from now you will have two more support tools under your Law of Attraction belt. You will learn how to acknowledge and release pint up frustrations. You will learn simple recipes to care for your body, making you feel good inside and out that don’t cost you a penny.
Here my fellow co-creators are two inspiring articles written by nurses. Reading through these articles today, on a day when my ego was demanding me to feel bad, I found myself feeling uplifted, supported emotionally, and eager to make a body scrub from products I have in the kitchen cabinets. Simple yes, but keeping me present and feeling good on a day like today is profound.
The other side of Nurses.
The Gratitude Walk:
Learn simple tools to feel better emotionally right now!
The Beauty Stimulus Package:
Learn about various kitchen products already in the cupboards that you can use to look younger, feel better and healthier.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Post's you might have missed:


Here my 3 readers are some blog post's you may have missed: have fun picking one that catches your eye and drop me a comment if you like. ;)
Using the Law of Attraction to lose weight.
Allowing your Vibrational Escrow.
Blog about someone who needs support day!

Maybe it IS OK to have a good cry and to feel bad over your dreams not coming true.
Something struck me last night; it was strong enough to cause me to doubt the magic of our Universe. It reeled in harsh criticism. I actually let it take a toll on me, believing that I am fragile and maybe a little crazy to be taking this challenge and documenting it for the entire world to see.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 22: LoA 30 Day Challenge: Bleep off EGO! I’m doing great!


Included at the end of this weight-loss blog post is a short video about how to use the law of attraction to lose weight.
I have not blogged about my weight loss since February 16th. I started my regimen on Feb 3. When I looked back this morning and noticed I have not gotten out of the 50’s in 3 months, now at 152. My ego started in on me, “You are a failure Tanya, you so should have been at your goal weight by now!”
For a hot second I started to feel emotional vibes attached to this personal comment to myself.
But you know what? I told ego: “Bleep off EGO! I’m doing great; I haven’t gained back any weight these past three months. This proves to me that I can maintain my weight and continue to lose more.” I turned these negative thoughts and feelings about my weight-loss goals into a positive! Furthermore, I looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful girl in front of me; I studied my profile and proclaimed, “Dam, you’re a hottie girlfriend, curves and ALL!”

Even though I may not be losing the weight as fast as my ego would like, I am losing at tremendous speed the negative thoughts and feelings about my body image. I am not covering up my flab as much, instead I am dressing myself up just to go to the grocery store and on a walk with my princess. I’m wearing skirts and heels. One day last week I was walking down town Ypsilanti on Michigan Ave and two fellows enjoying the sunny afternoon on their motorcycles smiled and waved at me. I did something I normally don’t do; I acknowledged them and smiled back.
So, my wee number of readers the point here is that YOU are doing great, and as long as you continue to feel good about your body right now in the present moment, you are attracting more weight loss by connecting to a positive universal vibration. Unlike when in our past, when we hated to look at ourselves in the mirror, and dreaded getting dressed up in fear of exposing our flab to the world- hence attracting higher numbers on the scale and much, much more negative feelings along with those high numbers.
If you are on the weight loss band wagon along with me, my advice is to “let go” baby. Use positive action to align and attract positive vibration into your life, by doing what makes you feel good. Focus less on the end result, leave what others say you must do OUT, and love yourself just the way you are right now. Instead of “working out”…. “Fun Out!” If it feels good, do it. If it makes you feel bad about yourself, STOP!” What worked in the past may not work now because you have changed.
So, for today your task is to explore new ways of feeling good about yourself.
For me, I feel good when I am hula hooping. I feel great dancing at the local bar. I feel fantastic taking a walk in the woods observing nature! I sure stay off the scale, and will only get on it when I feel a high vibration connecting me to our awesome Universe.
So you hot thang you, comment and let us all in on what makes YOU feel good as you continue to go from flab to fab, or what ever your personal goals may be! For me, I am losing weight and out of debt!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 21: LoA 30 day challenge: Allowing Your Vibrational Escrow

Day 21

Well, It sure has been a whirl wind of a ride taking on this Law of Attraction challenge.

If I had followed through every day with this challenge my 30 days would have been done this past weekend. But, I decided at the very beginning of this task that the 30 days do not have to be consecutive. This gives me permission to not let it be "work," but instead my hobby.

When I am not blogging about the LoA, I am still riding the Universe's vibrational wave!

Today, my diminutive readers, we will allow the Universe to deposit our vibrational escrow into our personal accounts. What I mean by this is that we are asking the Uni' to give us exactly what we are a vibrational match for at this present time in our life.

I have included a 5 minute video at the bottom of this post to help support you in this task for today.

Everyone has their own unique way of doing this. For me, I first wrote down in my journal how "satisfied" I am with my present situation. I stated exactly all the positive parts about not having a home of my own. I expressed what I am grateful for in my present situation, and I asked the Universe this:

"Uni', please deposit into my personal account what I am a vibrational match for at this moment."

For me, I am wanting desperately a home and a legitimate job.
I know I will receive my home, because I want it now. I also know that I will receive a nicer home later. I want a home sooner and later, as it meets my present situation.

I also know that I want a job that does not necessary pay a lot in money, but pays in integrity and passion. The money will follow. What is more important is that I want a job that fits my personality perfectly.

This is what I have been focusing on for the past week, diligently.
I set into motion my current primary dreams by taking action.
I applied for a variety of jobs, sent out over 30 resumes. The jobs I applied for were not necessarily positions I am passionate about but I decided that I just needed to apply for anything to get vibrating to me what is mine.

I got a call and an interview for a job that was full time, pays great and would have trained me in a trade I could use for the future. The down side was that I would not be with my little princess as much, and honestly- SHE is my main job, I do not want someone else raising her for me.

So, I began to think what is it that I am passionate about that I could do on a part time basis?

Remember Pat? The 70 year old low income lady I have been blogging about? Well, Since the beginning of this challenge I have been paying her regular visits, and supporting her on a variety of tasks she needs assistance with. I do this not for money, (she is low income) but instead because I want to as a friend. The best part about hooking up with her is that I feel less depressed about my present situation, and when I leave her place I feel uplifted and at peace with myself.

What else is interesting, is during this challenge I have observed a darker perspective of what it is like being a senior living in a low income housing facility, something I plan to write more in depth about later on. But it is something that has awakened in me, a deep desire to be an advocate, a voice for those less fortunate than myself.

So, with this said the Uni' gave me my vibrational match at this present moment, in an idea.

"Tanya, you should be a direct care personal assistant."

I have kept this thought to myself for almost a week, allowing the universe to work it's magic and to point me in the right direction. Some phenomenal results have taken place, I will update the three of you on what I mean by this soon. But for now, all I can say is that, YES, the Law of Attraction is in deed real and alive in you!

Now, go withdraw your escrow:

What are you a match for at this moment?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 20: LoA 30 Day Challenge: Blog about someone who needs support.

This is the main downtown intersection on Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Pat has to cross this intersection in her borrowed, raggedy wheelchair backwards. She has to use her feet to push her entire body in the chair as she has multiple sclerosis. She has lived with this disease since she was 18 years old, she turned 70 a few weeks ago. She has no family in town, and spends most of her time in her one bedroom apartment cleaning, playing her keyboard, and planting flowers.

She is a delightful, happy lady in spite of her set backs. She was engaged three times during her life, but when her disease came back, her fiance's broke off the engagement.

She does not qualify for a mobility scooter because Medicare says she can get around fine inside the low income senior living facility in a wheelchair.
I have no idea how she does this day in and day out. I have helped her around downtown pushing her in this wheelchair to the bank, the grocery store, and the local Coney Island. It was really hard for me to do, especially while holding grocery's and having to lift the wheels up over the cracks in the side walk.

A local newspaper photographer, Chris Asadian contacted me, wanting to do a story on Pat. He is an excellent photographer, he snapped this shot of me and my daughter at Pat's during her interview.

Photograph by: Chris Asadian
Visit him here.
Pat was so excited to have company, she baked a cake and wore an evening gown for the interview. The reporters asked if they could follow her on a regular day in the life of Pat wearing average clothes, as they wanted pictures to capture her reality.

Pat got hesitant about this, as she has lived at this facility for 8 years and has stories about the management harassing the residents. She did not want management to see her with photographers and the news around the facility in fear of getting kicked out of her home. So the story did not happen.

Day 20: Share someones story with the world!
Do you have a story about someone needing support? Include it in your LoA 30 day challenge by blogging about it.

If anyone can help to get her safe transportation, or help to donate money for a mobility scooter I so appreciate it. To help in any way please Email me here: tanya@surpriseitsme.com

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer in some way, here are other ways you could help support Pat:

  • light weekly cleaning
  • help cook up a recipe she would like at her place and have dinner with her
  • follow along with her to the grocery store on the local bus and reach for the items she needs placed on high shelves that she otherwise could not get
  • assist with weekly laundry
Please leave your comments here and let us know your personal blog url about someone you know who could use some support!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 19: Jump back on the LoA Band Wagon.

Well, I guess I've had a bit of a law of attraction 30 day challenge breakdown. Had to take a break from it, and let my darn ego feel bad. I did something I rarely do, I blogged on myspace about "feeling bad"- and even questioned being a LoA poser.

I decided that this was my way of releasing any hidden negativity I have stored.
Oprah recently made some peoples dreams come true on the air. One individual told her he had given up on his dream along with a good cry just one day before Oprah contacted him.

This got me thinking, maybe it IS OK to have a good cry and to feel bad over your dreams not coming true. Oprah told him that maybe that is what he needed to do in order to release his fears and to attract his dream.

So, after several days of feeling bad over not having a home of my own, and expressing exactly what my current living situation is in between tears, I have given up feeling bad over this, and instead accept it for what it is, pain and all.

I'm back baby! The new mantra I tell my little princes,

"Home is where your mom is."

So, our task for today and for the rest of this challenge is to revisit: Day 16 LoA Challenge- Get out of my own way and stop thinking and expressing what bothers me PERIOD!

Your comments about falling off and back on the Universal Creative Consciousness Band Wagon are so darn appreciated- ;)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Day 18: What happens in the Universe stays in the Universe.

Day 18: LoA 30 Day Challenge-
What happens in the Universe stays in the Universe.
Something struck me last night; it was strong enough to cause me to doubt the magic of our Universe. It reeled in harsh criticism. I actually let it take a toll on me, believing that I am fragile and maybe a little crazy to be taking this challenge and documenting it for the entire world to see.
I have been living successfully for the past month almost, with a new outlook on how life could be by acting as if my life is already exactly what I want it to be like. While working the tools of the law of attraction some amazing, magical moments have taken place right in front of me. Personally I have gone through a spiritual metamorphosis.
These past 20 days I have been swimming in happiness, joy, contentment, love and compassion. Twenty dollar bills fly in the wind and land at my feet, everything I ask for I receive. I live more in the present than I ever have before. I feel compassion for others like never before. There is laughter and song in my life. There is kindness, appreciation and gratitude. My pace has slowed down to allow me to do most actions with grace.
When ego shows up I decline its invitation to take me out of the present. I am listening more, talking less, feeling more and thinking less. Doing more and working less. I love myself just as I am. I am connected to something awesome, plugged into a universal consciousness. I feel the energy, a high vibration pulsating through me, coming from and returning to the center of a vector in linear space. The field of where we all share one consciousness.
So, why did my feelings get hurt last night over doing something good for a complete stranger? Why did I feel out of place in our Universe? Why did I question if I belong here with the rest of society? Why did I feel like my spirit is among those that grow out of the cracks in the sidewalk, where most people walk over it without ever acknowledging it is  there? Why did I feel displaced and alone in our Universe?
I kept telling myself and Jesse between tears that it was my ego; I was allowing her some time to feel bad. It wasn’t really me, my spirit is wonderful.
What was it that took hold of me and made me doubt my new found life? It was someone’s opinion, criticism of how I handled that $20.00 dollar bill. How I gave it all away in the midst of being poor and living day to day not knowing how I will get through to the next day. “I was not thinking about myself first.”
WOW! This hurt because it came from someone, whose opinion I truly respect. It made me feel separated from the rest of our world. That is what hurt, because for the past 20 some odd days I have felt as if I belong here, and that I am apart of everyone.
I share the same world as the rest of the people who stroll down the sidewalks. The bicycling, driving, working, panhandling, playing, dreaming souls and the ones living large. I felt connected in a glorious way to everyone. I have had such a breathtaking, magical, energized feeling up until last night.
You know what? I am NOT giving up! I am NOT taking a step back from my magical reality! I LOVE how I live, and love the feelings I get from being an anonymous giver to someone else. This is my reality. That $20.00 could NEVER have bought me the happiness I felt giving it away.
The lesson I learned is that I just need to stay anonymous. I can do this. I can keep the magic of giving to myself and the Universe. I can blog about it, but I Will not share it out loud.
This is my task for today. So, as it is mine it is also yours. What personal lesson have you learned working the law of attraction? How will you apply it so that YOU can continue to feel wonderful and a part of our society while living in the present?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Day 17 LoA 30 Day Challenge: Pay it Forward Day

You know what happens when you give your undivided attention to someone? Magic baby!

The other day I was busy running errands, I ran into my dear friend Pat, the 70 year old lady who I'm working on getting a scooter for.

Well, she invited me to go over to the Coney Island, a place I really don't like. I also had a number of things on my list to do that day. What is funny is that I started to say, "I really can't." But in the middle of my response I took a deep breath and found myself saying instead,
"Pat, there is no other place I would rather be."

I pushed her wheel chair up to the corner of Michigan Ave in route to the Coney Island just as she remembered that she needed to go to the bank first. I was reluctant to go, knowing this was going to take longer than expected. My list of things "to do" came up in my mind again.

Pat offered to go alone to the bank, and to meet me at the corner in a few minutes so I could get some things I needed out of my car and upstairs.

But again, I found myself taking a deep breath and saying, "that stuff can wait."

On our way to the bank a crisp folded up $20.00 bill flew in the wind, right to my feet!

Well, I told Pat- "Dinner is on the Universe today."

As we sat in the booth another senior lady was singing as she ate at the counter. The manager kept telling her to stop. She probably was not working with a full deck, but she was kind and feeling joyful. As I payed for our bill I asked the waitress to put her dinner on my tab,
"tell her I enjoyed her singing,
but keep me anonymous."

The waitress was truly happy to do this, a little shocked she obviously had never had this happen at a dive like this.

I decided to tip her the rest of my change out of that $20.00 dollar bill. Leaving me with nothing, but a wonderful feeling that I still have right now.

Today, my friends.... Be an anonymous giver to a complete stranger.
Pay it forward in a delicious creative way.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Day 16 LoA 30 Day Challenge: Get out of your OWN way.

Day 16
Two more common LoA Mistakes.
1. Where is it?
2. It will happen on this date, this way.
Practicing the LoA on and off over the course of 20 years, I admit that I am so darn guilty of making these common mistakes.
The first one is, “Well, I have the Vision Board, I meditate on it, so… Where the heck is it?”
The other one is, “This is HOW my dreams are going to manifest.”
“I’m going to win the lottery.” Or “I’m going to get that job.” Etc.
Stop telling yourself and the Universe exactly HOW, when, and where your dreams will manifest. I know from personal experience that doing this, you are actually attracting the opposite to you. These common mistakes carry a vibration connecting us to what we “DON’T” want through feeling frustration, impatience, authoritarian, and disappointment.
The point here is that our little minds are not as creative as the universal consciousness. We need to get out of our “own” way and let the Universe work for us through us.
The universe has infinite possibilities, outcomes, and opportunities. Let Uni’ decide what is right for you, and let it go! Don’t get caught up on the way it “should happen.” Treat your dreams like a surprise present delivered to you by the Universal Postal Service.
Your and My Task for today is to STOP talking about any thing that bothers us.
STOP expressing anger and hatred with our particular situation.
STOP feeling powerless and out of control over your state of affairs.
Stop reacting to what bothers us.
Here my fellow co-creators is a fantastic, empowering and uplifting short lecture that will help to support you in this Law of Attraction life-changing task for today.

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