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Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 1: The Law of Attraction... A 30 day challenge!

OK my diminutive readers, I am ready for a challenge.
I will work with the tools the universe is currently offering me in order to live an abundant, out of this world life.

For the next 30 days I will be blogging each day on how I am using the Law of Attraction to get me where I ultimately see myself.

Are you ready to take a huge leap of faith? To challenge your ego and allow your spirit and the Universe to work it's magic?

If so- here is our FIRST challenge for today:

You need a Vision Board- any darn thing will do... something, any thing to put pictures on that describe your ultimate life.
Start right now by grabbing pictures from a magazine, print off the internet, anything.
Just add a few right now to get started. This is a fun and simple challenge just for today!

Next: You need daily messages from the Universe.

I get mine sent to me in my email. I just love and appreciate how the message always seems directed right to ME!

To get a daily message sent to you, go here:


MorgansMummy said...

I am attempting at doing this with you lol I will put it up on my blog when I have done the first thing

Tanya said...

Morgans- I'm so happy you are doing this along with the rest of us!

I started my vision board by making sure my princess had her own to make along side me.

She and I have them up on the wall, and she makes sure to show "everyone" her "vision board".

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