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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Day Two: The 30 day Law of Attraction Challenge

OK... so this is what I have experienced so far working the tools of the universe:

  • Chance encounters with significant people from my past!
  • Inner Self Discovery- too personal to blog.
  • A Deeper Perspective of life and the personality of those close to me.
  • That VISUALIZATION works! I Won a contest online- a V-Tech System for my princess!!! Delivered in a HUGE box the next day.
  • A new found sense of peace, knowing that everything is O.K... and the present is only temporary and the potential to achieve my dreams is a REALITY!
  • Most importantly, I feel like my past is IN the past and today I am in control of myself.
Day 2 Challenge

  1. Admit to yourself and someone you trust- a present fear in your life, and then ask the Universe to show you a tool to help you.
  2. Next, let it go and go on with your day as usual. Something will "pop" up that will be encouraging and enlightening into your situation.
  3. Take a few minutes out of your day to connect with the core of the Universe- close your eyes, focus your inner sight to a point where your third eye is- take in all the positive feelings of everyone else who is working with the law of attraction, and know you are apart of it ALL- in unity.  A smile on your face will emerge from an inner knowing that your dreams are coming true.
  4. Here is a great LOA tool- a video to watch to help support you today: Only 10 min- take a few notes, don't worry if you don't "get" some of it- more importantly, refer to your notes today in sentences that apply to you directly. Have fun! ;)


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