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Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 9: Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge: Ride the Waves!

We are going to explore three days of spiritual/universal high vibration tools to get you glowing from the inside out! To connect you and myself and the universe on the same high frequency law of attraction wave. Let's ride the waves together baby!

I recently finished A New Earth by spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle-

In his book, he shows you in simple terms and techniques how to ground your spirit, connect with the universe and identify when ego is present in our lives and others. I can't recommend this book enough!
In the past 9 days I can HONESTLY say that the law of attraction is REAL- based on my own phenomenal experiences.

With Eckhart's help, I realize that I was not living in the present until I dialed down my ego and accepted my present situation. When ego was in charge, I missed opportunity's to be happy and ran from the magic happening right before me.

My Law of Attraction testimonial for these past 9 days:

  • I am more appreciative of my present situation, more at peace with myself than  EVER before, and more in "the moment"! Fear is less apart my my present life now.
On the physical level of things:

  • Sold a domain name I've owned a few years for over $700.00

  • The Universe sent me on a wonderful, high-end-vacation, showing me that I MATTER, and I DESERVE to be treated like a queen.

  • The Universe gave me the winning entry into an online contest in which my little princess is now the proud owner of a V-Tech V-Motion Learning System, similar to a Nintendo WII.

  • The Universe placed a call to me this morning informing me that I won a $50.00 gift card to my all time favorite local thrift store, Value World!

Mind you, I am a single, stay at home mom, no "real" job- freshly divorced and lost everything including my dignity over these past three years.

Depression took hold me and I felt completely spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. It was as if a black cloud followed and hovered over me 24/7.

But now, I am on a brand new life adventure, my starting point is back at home at my mom's, under some extremely heavy negative influences that I would prefer to avoid, but am forced to adapt to the best I can. So, I am doing my best with grace, enthusiasm and acceptance.

If I can still believe in magic, the power of the law of attraction, and KNOW that my dream of living a contemporary Cinderella-bohemian lifestyle that is in fact Present, then you too are living your dreams- or are about to!

Here are the tools we will focus on for the next three days to get you connecting with the Universe's high frequency vibration, wave of positive, magical energy that is life changing:

Acceptance, Enthusiasm, and Enjoyment

- Eckart Tolle explains that these are the "modalities of Awakened Doing." "In which you can align your life with the creative power of the Universe."

When you do this, you are allowing yourself to connect with the creative consciousness of our Universe, and inviting peace, love, magic and positive energy into your life.

You and your ego will remain dysfunctional in our Universe until what you do and how you live "arises out of one of these three modalities."

My new mantra is, "Do it with grace."

What ever and where ever my present moment is, I want to exude grace from inside out. This helps me to remember all I have is THIS moment in time, it sets my ego at bay, and reminds me that THIS moment needs me to be PRESENT- in order to be truly alive and connected to what is in front of me.

So, your tool- for today is: "Do it with GRACE."

No matter how uncomfortable your present moment might be, how much you don't want to deal with it, if it's your present moment- Find grace in yourself as you go about it. If you have no idea how to deal- just ask the Uni' for direction. Take some deep breaths, and allow the answer to come-you will be amazed at how simple a technique this really is, and how empowering it is for your spiritual growth.

Tune in tomorrow, and we will begin to use the three modalities to connect us with the creative consciousness awaking in our world.

Ride the Waves... cheers!


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