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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 7 Law of attraction 30 day challenge: 17 Second High Vibration Meditation

Day 7
We are deliberately creating our reality through high vibration meditation.
Today and for the rest of the month we are going to set our vibration frequency to the same frequency of the universe.
Decide on 5 important matters you want to manifest for this 30 day law of attraction challenge.
Next: Spend 17 seconds meditating on each matter. 
For an example I have my five personal matters to be manifested  in this post.
(Please note that the word “challenge” used in this project- is really a FUN, easy, and attainable challenge.) You are brave for believing in your dreams! You are defying the social cultural rules telling you “NO”!
You and I are now saying, I “KNOW” this is possible.
My 5 Personal Matters:
1. I am creating multiple streams of income.
For 17 seconds I am setting my vibration by feeling, visualizing, acknowledging, and expressing gratitude for being able to have multiple streams of income.
I visualize checks in my mailbox from various peeps and companies paying me to do what I love.
I feel my debit card in my hand and feel my fingers on the buttons as I deposit my money in the ATM.
I acknowledge that I am being paid to do what I love.
I am grateful to be able to be paid for living my life as a free spirit. Soooo grateful, that I give back to my community by sharing my story to women in domestic violence shelters.

2. I won the Michigan Lucky 7S Raffle: $700,000 BABY!
Winning Ticket# 0082233
Drawing date: May 04.2009

I feel so much relief, a weight lifted from my shoulders. I feel the winning ticket burning in my hand. I visualize talking to my Uncle on the phone getting referrals for an attorney. I acknowledge that anything is possible if you truly believe, and I tell jesse sinatra, “I TOLD you so!” yum!
I express deep emotional gratitude to the Uni’ for turning me into a women of independent means!

3. I am shopping for my first home with my little princess.
I feel as if I am on the adventure of my life, never could I know what it feels like to actually shop and purchase a home until now. I am visualizing my video journal about this glorious day! I acknowledge how free and independent I feel, and acknowledge how I could never have gotten to this point with out the love and support of my family. I thank you, our Universe for believing in me and for knowing this day would arrive.

4. I answer every call from my creditors- saying, “How much, and where do I send it?” I feel the phone in my left hand and a pen in the other as I write down the balance due and the address to send it. I look into my video camera with such a smile as I answer every call. ;) At the end of each call, I thank the collector, wish them well and tell them the law of attraction really works!

5. I look HOT…. Baby! Lost all that nasty divorce weight, I am toned and fit into a natural size 4 again! I love, love, love the fact I never got rid of my cool ass wardrobe from the safety girl days. I see myself and little princess playing dress-up with my costumes from the show. I acknowledge the satisfaction I feel with how I look. More importantly, the egotistical personal satisfaction I get each time I have to see the ex husband! Knowing that my being wildly successful and hot is the ultimate revenge! I am so grateful now with each pick up and drop off.
Ok, fellow co-creators, it is your turn! If you are blogging about taking this challenge, please comment here so we can follow each others dreams coming true!


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