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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 5 Law of Attraction 30 day challenge.

Wow, this REALLY does work!
Although I have known this for years, working the LoA tools here and there, I am now feeling momentum in the Universe, bringing to me what I ask for at rapid speed!

Here I am on Day five, and through deliberately addressing my ultimate dream in conversations with my honey and the Universe over the past 5 days, yesterday I sold a domain name for $700.00.

Today, I got a call out of the blue to help do some last minute work, clean some walls to be painted for $100.00- Now this is how I like to live. Just picture this... Here I am at the playground with my baby girl, my cell rings. I answer it, and 5 minutes later I am $700 + richer and singing and swinging with my baby! This is EXACTLY how I want to live in the present, it felt GREAT. So, my dear LoA believers-

DAY 5 Challenge 

What do you REALLY want RIGHT NOW?

Stress it in one present-tense sentence.

"I'm making a living doing what I love without working outside of my home!"

State your "want" to another soul with all the emotion and determination you can conjure up from inside. BELIEVE! Believe it is possible and that the Universe is at work on your behalf to make IT happen! Keep this well stated dream in the front of your mind for at least an entire 24 hours.

For me, I kept it upfront by taking some steps to keep me focused on the present:

First I always tell myself and others in regards to my present situation,
"It will ALL work out!"  
This is my tag line at the end of the majority of all my conversations.

Next, I put the Universe on Emergency Alert by going through my storage unit and taking my one and only high end art piece to a gallery in Ypsilanti to sell.

I purchased this painting 10 years ago from a gallery in Sagatuck, MI. Purchased with love, it was the only signed art work I have ever been able to buy.

As the lady behind the counter appraised it, we discovered that we BOTH had the same current situation due to a nasty divorce. It was comforting to meet another person sharing a simular present situation.

I unloaded my personal belonging and past in her hands and exited the gallery with my princess feeling hopeful and in the moment as we headed down the street to a majical park called "Frog Island".
I love frogs, have a collection of froggy paraphanila somewhere in my storage unit.

My point in telling you this?

Look for signs from the Uni'- The Universe and I are now on a nick name basis!
Reread my post and notice the personal signals the Uni' put in front of me, to let me know it is working on my behalf.

Now, look for your personal signals, stay in the present as much as you are able and KNOW the Uni' is working for you right now.


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