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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Day 3 Law Of Attraction 30 Day Challenge: Shop for your Dream Home!

Today your assignment is to shop for your dream home to place on your vision board.

Be totally unrealistic, your dream home has all the bells and whistles, every detail is grand, inviting, just the way you visualize it!

Print out pictures of various qualities from several homes. Design and customize your perfect dream home.

Include some subtle quality's too, such as your garden, specific kinds of flowers and trees. Brass plumbing, heated floors. You get the idea.

How about a stone in the walkway, a fingerprint that will tell you when you are actually there, 
"yes, this is indeed THE ONE!" Print out ONE fine point that only you and the Universe knows you want in this dream home of yours.

Include your children too- have them seek out their ultimate bed room, back yard, etc... and print out those pictures for your vision board. Put a picture of your child in their dream surroundings.

Visualize the ultimate ride with your family and friendly broker as you all drive down the streets, and take personal home tours. Your broker understands what is important to you and narrows your search to only include exactly what you specified.

How much fun is this?! This will take all day, maybe more- have fun.
Most importantly, BELIEVE you deserve it and already live here!


Stone Tubs said...

basically i like this pink color bedroom picture. we are renovating our house and surely i am planning to have something like this on my new house

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