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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 15 LoA 30 Day Challenge: Release it!

Day 15
Release it!
It is time for m to delve deeper into this awesome lifestyle and to release some hidden negative vibrations I am carrying.
For me, personally- I still hear an inner voice “my ego” telling me I don’t deserve this or that, It will never happen, my dreams will never manifest, ha- I will never be out of debt. Etc…
Today my fellow co-creators, we are releasing our inner negative vibrations, the ones only we hear, feel, and argue with. The ones that do us no good, and actually attract the opposite of what we really want.
Yesterday’s tool in this challenge was extremely helpful for me, it was a great start, handing over what is eating me up inside. It helped to release some of these negative emotions. All day yesterday I found myself loving how I looked, how my body felt, I noticed a glow about me- and thought throughout the day how beautiful I am at this very moment. My little princess called me “momma princess” all day long. Also, I only got 4 phone calls from the creditors, instead of the dozen or so I usually get.
When they called, I would just tell my “manager” Uni’, “Hey this is for you.”
So, I know I’m in the right direction, and I feel I am living my dreams. But I sure want to go farther down the rabbit hole.
There are 5 common mistakes us newbie’s make when working with the LoA.
Today we are going to confront our egos and release that small inner voice telling us, 
“No Way, you can’t have it!”
Today we will work on mistake #1:
1. Positive Thinking is Enough to Attract your dreams.

  •  I tell my self I am “hot”, “attractive”, and “thin.” “I’m out of debt.” I have multiple streams of income doing what I love.” But when I look in the mirror or get on the scale, or visualize paying off my debt and shopping for a home, the opposite is unleashed subconsciously. The subconscious tells me, look at yourself, you have back fat, your hips are still huge, your butt is gigantic.” “You will always be poor and in debt.”
  • These negative inner comments are followed up with “emotion”. When emotion is involved with the law of attraction, it sets a vibration, and that energy will in turn attract exactly what you’re feeling. For me, it will raise the numbers on the scale, it will give me a distorted image in the mirror, and it will make me doubt my goals. So, in order to release these negative emotions, and to stop attracting the opposite of what you and I REALLY want, we need to “release” these negative emotions. There are many techniques to do this. 

For me, this is how I will handle things:
         Today I will respond to my inner negative voice with emotion. I will tell it with authority,   
         “Hey, get out of here. There is no room for you in my present moment!” 
  • With every negative emotion I feel, I will write a “good bye” letter- saying: “You” “the topic” have spent enough time making me feel awful. I am leaving you behind. I feel great about my life and I love feeling “good” about myself. All you do is hurt me. GOOD BYE!"

  •  I will write a “Welcome note” to every positive emotion I feel.

 Lastly, I will do something nice for someone else. This always give’s me a GREAT feeling, and attaches a powerful positive emotion to it. Thus, creating a positive vibration and weakening the negative ones.  

You are encouraged to comment on this post. You might have a great technique that will help me, or someone else to “release” these nasty negative emotional vibes.


Tanya said...

Just writing this post, and publishing it helps me to release that nasty negative inner voice.

Doing this challenge really is life changing for me. I am learning more about myself- the good and the bad.

What a great self discovery tool- When I started this, I did not anticipate a theriputic healing process to take place.

A healing vibration is now attached to me and has plugged me into something GRAND!

Mkcoy - Get Cash Back said...

Great post! Very well thought out. I have to agree with you sometimes writing things out helps you get a better perspective on things. You have all the answers you need already inside you :)

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