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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 13 LoA 30 Day Challenge: Share someones reality today.

It is a blessing, so darn refreshing, and an honor to be apart of this life and to witness our society taking a step back from "media imposed beauty" and instead experiencing "real" inner beauty. It has been a long time coming, but my instinct tells me based on the magical voice of Susan Boyle that history has taken a turn for the best in our previously "appearance and weight obsessed culture".

Take a moment and listen to a performance she did back in 1999- close your eyes, and inhale her magical moment.
Song: Cry Me a River
by Susan Boyle

I believe that based on performances like this, and the many, many more to follow, our Universes Creative Consciousness is vibrating to a higher energy. I am so IN! What an ecstatic time to be alive. People are waking up and giving their undivided attention to all walks of life, not judging from the outside but instead looking for something authentic, genuine and beautiful that exists in all of us.

There is beauty, authenticity and a genuine positive spirit in each and every one of us. Last night I walked a dear sweet senior lady across the street in her wheel chair. She was crossing a major intersection on Michigan Ave, downtown Ypsilanti, MI with no help. What really upset me was that she had to do it backwards, as she could not use her arms due to Multiple Sclerosis, so she pushes her entire body in this cheep, raggedy old wheelchair with the use of her feet.

I have visited with Pat in the elevators at Town Centra Place, a low income senior housing facility in Ypsilanti, MI for six months. She just turned 70 years old a few weeks ago. I have helped her around the hallways and such, but NEVER have I been given the opportunity to live "her" reality for a couple of hours until yesterday. Pushing her across Michigan Ave, a busy, four lane intersection and then down an ally to get to the entrance of the grocery store was hard just with me pushing her, not to mention the rough neighborhood. I could not imagine how physically difficult her life is until now.

I could not believe her bright spirit in spite of these setbacks. I found myself asking her a few times as I slowly pushed her, "how do you do this?"
This 70 year old woman has more strength in her spirit then I could ever imagine.

After the grocery store adventure, we strolled into the local Cony Island on the corner of Michigan Ave. I was soaked in sweat, finding it terribly hard to maneuver her chair up the steep entry, while carrying her grocery's. No one bothered to help, not surprising I guess coming from this dive-joint of a place, but hopefully this is soon to change with the shift in consciousness taking place in our world.

Your task today my friend is to share someones reality, someone less fortunate than you. Let the Universe guide you and it surly will to just the right person, who could really use your support in a specific matter. You might find that this person will show up just as your ego does. The Challenge is opening up your heart, and to look around you today with new eyes.

My new senior friend, Pat has an electric scooter, but it is broken and the manufacturers are out of business. It is my intention to find her a safe ride, or to find someone to fix hers. This is now apart of my LoA 30 day challenge.

No one should have to live like this in our society- I am grateful for those few hours. Pat allowed me to share her reality, and she smiled the whole time.
It made me realize that my current situation is not as bad as I perceived it to be.
I won't let you down Pat!

Thank you, Uni'!


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