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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 12: LOA 30 Day Challenge: Take responsibility for your state.

The final “Modality of Awakened Doing” is ACCEPTANCE.
If you can not feel enthusiastic or enjoyment in your present moment, you have one other choice. We can accept it or we can choose to not accept it. By accepting it, you are allowing a subtle vibration of “peace” into the Universe and of course into you. According to Eckhart Tolle, this vibration has enough energy in it to actually change our current state of mind. It is not a “passive” vibration, it is an “active and creative” vibration, bringing something entirely new into our existence.
Today’s LOA challenge is: To accept whatever present situation you find yourself in, or stop doing it.
It took me almost two years to accept the picking up and dropping off of our little princess, sharing her equally during the divorce proceedings. It is still hard for me to accept, but this past drop off, I took responsibility for my state. I even went a step further and offered to drop her off this time.
During this drop off I took my mom and brother along, inviting them out to some drinks and burgers after the drop off, to my favorite dive hang-out. Guess what? This day turned out to be a high energy vibration day! Usually days like this are too depressing for me to accept. Today, the universe guided us on a magical path to an ultimate notice: That the Law of Attraction is indeed REAL! The universe IS working for US.
Here is how it all came down.
First, while in the car I was talking to my brother about staying present, and how when we are in the present we feel a lot better about ourselves and less depressed about the future and the past. He caught on to this, spotting an enormous rainbow guiding us on our 30 minute drive.
After the baby-daddy drop-off, I stopped into the local convenience store to grab a paper for my mom and get cash back to treat my family to a few games of keno, drinks and burgers. Of course, if ego was present, she would had stopped me, saying "I can't afford to treat my family."
The lady behind the counter was absolutely charming, gracious, and genuinely kind. It is so rare to feel accepted by a stranger in an environment like this, but I know now it is my reality. She was the second sign, in addition to the rainbow: Showing me that we are on a magical route this day.
Lastly, we stepped out of the car, my brother and mom, hesitant about the establishment I was taking them into. From the outside, it looks like a damp, dark, scary local “only” hangout. I assured them that it was safe and really cool inside. What occurred next had my mom and brother proclaiming a different side to my reality.
I guided them to a nice table and before I even sat down, an intoxicated retired cowboy motioned me to pay him a visit at the bar. My mom and brother nervously sat down as I contemplated his invitation. It was my hat he wanted to see. A hot second later I found myself stepping out of the box and inviting the unknown. Cowboy and I exchanged hats, we laughed like crazy at our appearance along with the other bar packed drinking locals!
He came over to our table and made sure our cutie pie waitress put our tab on his. My mom and brother were taken aback over this event. For two hours, we all drank, laughed, listened to the senior cowboys stories, played some keno and ate. I ended up breaking even on keno.
The truly magical moment occurred when cowboy slipped me something. This “something” happened to be the EXACT thing I have contemplated purchasing for several days now. I even spoke about it on the Day 7 of the Law of Attraction Challenge where, “We are deliberately creating our reality through high vibration meditation.” In this post I announced that I WON the Michigan state lottery raffle, $700, 000!
Well since I posted this, meditated on it and twittered about it, I decided I should win both grand prizes of $700,000- which meant I needed another $10.00 raffle ticket. This is my reality. Cowboy slipped me the other $10.00 raffle ticket! Ticket# 0965841 Drawing date: May 04.2009

The funny thing is, I never told Cowboy or my family about this, it’s dialogue between me and the Universe as I work the tools of the LOA.
Cowboy and I exchanged a heartfelt hug of gratitude and compassion, the hug signified to me the ultimate sign from the Uni’, I am indeed living my dream life right NOW! Because I "accepted" my reality.
You are living yours, enjoy your reality.  

By the way, I may not have won the "big lottery" but sharing a wonderfully unexpected couple of hours with my family and a delightful stranger bearing gifts including an extra $10.00 special lottery ticket made me feel like a winner in the moment!


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