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Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 11: Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge. Enjoy it, baby!


Enjoyment is your link to the creative power of our Universe.
It has it's own unique vibrational frequency!

Have you tried to be present in the moment, knowing that in a few minutes into the future you will have to deal with a new moment you wish you could just avoid?

You can not control the past because it is gone, you can not control 10 minutes into the future, because it has not happened yet, the only time you can control is right now, your present moment.

Do you know, that instead of focusing all your attention on what you are about to be doing, for example, rehearsing future dialog, anticipating others reactions and yours, mentally putting up boundaries to protect yourself for the near future- these are all examples of not living in the present moment, not enjoying the present moment, because you are not here, not in the now, where everything is really happening.

I have to drive to a destination I absolutely hate to do but must. Take my little princess for her parenting time with my ex. This has always been a seriously, difficult task for me. She cries, want's to stay with me, throws a tantrum on the way to his place. I am always mentally preparing myself for something new he will undoubtedly spring on me, and my past comes into play as I hate to drive through the neighborhood we started our marriage and family in. This has been a painful recurring theme in the last two years.

The closer I would get to his place the stronger the anxiety. I lost myself every 30 minute drive twice a week for the last two years. I’ve lost approximately 96 hours of living in the present, not to mention all the 40 minute drives to divorce and court related events. Probably another 96 or so hours on top of this and the hours, the days, the nights of crying, of drinking my pain and past away- Well, let’s just say I have probably lost an entire year of living in the present. A year I can never get back. A year, which is now my past, but yet all I can remember for the most part is me spending that year living in the past and the future.
Here is where enjoyment of your present moment can change the outcome of the future, no matter how strongly you believe that in ten minutes from now, your situation is just gong to suck, big-time!
By giving power over to our ego, we are limiting the power our Universe has to offer at this very moment. The ego will not allow us to indulge in the magic of the present moment, it is not compatible at all with the beauty and the creative forces the Universe has set into motion in the present moment just for you. Therefore, our ego does not reside in the present, only the past and the future.
Today’s task is for you to diligently find enjoyment in every moment of your day today.
If it is a drive to work, a destination you have to go to even though you loath it- find enjoyment in the drive, the weather, the aliveness of your being. Remind yourself that your are “driving” you are “enjoying this drive”, “the beauty of the birds flying past”, etc. Don’t think about all the stuff you have to do once you get there, all the other egos you have to deal with upon arrival, all the problems that are waiting for you to solve or deal with.
None of this has happened yet, the only thing happening is right now, the drive, the weather, the first rainbow of the year, etc.
You will find that when you are tuned into the present moment, you are tuned into the beauty of the moment and a feeling of peace and aw of being alive right now will take precedence and your ego will retreat. You are now allowing the Universe to connect with you and it's high energy vibration is now apart of your life, connecting you to the creative consciousness of all of us living in the moment.
Now, anything is possible- the rest of your day has unlimited magical possibilities because you are now connected to a limitless universal outlet of creative intelligence where everything is possible, beyond your wildest imagination. Eckhart Tolle explains in "A New Earth", that "enjoyment will replace wanting as the motivating power behind people's actions."
Doesn’t that sound nice? Who knows, by the time you arrive at your destination you just might be greeted with an overwhelming positive welcome in a truly authentic and endearing manner that will set into motion for you that, “Yes, indeed. I love and ENJOY this exact moment, right now! Nothing else matters.”
Powerful stuff my friend, you deserve it!


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