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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 10: Law of Attraction 30 day challange- 911 Emergency Call to Self

Enthusiasm has a high energy frequency-
 For the past 20 some odd years, I can't tell you how many times in conversation friends, co-workers and employers  have said, (in describing me) "Her enthusiasm is contagious!" 
When you find that reaching a goal is more stressful for you because you are focusing all your attention on the end result you are not connecting with the universe. When you focus on the present moment, on what you are doing now instead of all the steps, all the plans, all the details needed to achieve your goal, you will feel relaxed, calm and enter into the wave of creative energy. With continued enthusiasm you're plugging into a powerful outlet that will carry you through to your goal. It will create in your present moment the perfect road-map to achieve what ever it is you want.
Your road map is personalized just for you, it is as unique as you are, and most importantly you are already in route. Point A is in the past and Point B is in the future. How we get to the end result is not up to us. We do not decide the steps needed. Live in the moment, revel in your enthusiasm over this exact moment in your life- and let the Universe guide you to your goals. Opportunities present themselves, it is up to you to decide if you accept or decline what is offered in this moment.
Keep an eye on your ego- it is always around the corner wanting you to avoid the present, wanting to attach what ever it can to you. Causing you to feel overwhelmed, stressed out and anxious. If you are feeling any kind of anxiety, it is because the ego is working double-time on you, keeping you from what is most important- the now.
So, use enthusiasm as a tool to connect with the creative process of the universe. The ego can not reside in you if you are feeling enthusiastic about the present moment. The ego always wants something. Eckhart Tolle explains it best, “Enthusiasm “wants” nothing because it lacks nothing.”
Here is your 911 emergency call to self- to see if you are indeed living in the moment:
Is your goal an inflated sense of self? Is it you wanting to be rich, famous, a star, important to society in some way? For me I really had to research my inner motivations, as I was nervous when I read Eckhart’s explanation about the difference between having static goals and “goals that enrich not only your life, but countless others as well.” In order to achieve your goals using the Universe as your catalyst you need to tap into the “un-manifested source of all life.” This means, you need to find value in your goal as it is something that not only you need, but something that will help others in some way as well.
Your Challenge today is to research your inner motivations, and decide if your goals are self serving ones, or are to help benefit and enrich the lives of not only you, but many, many others as well?
For me, my ultimate goal is to be able to speak at domestic violence centers telling my success story and inspiring others to never give up! I need to keep this in the front of my mind, because I never want to get lost in my own ego, I don’t want to feel more important than someone else. I want to live simply- in the present moment- in peace and happiness, with love and compassion. I want to have honor and respect for others before me- even if my ego can’t stand them.
Enthusiasm is delight in what you are doing now, shared with the goal you are working towards.
Ride the wave’s right now, with enthusiasm in the present moment and you will realize you already achieved your goal.
Tomorrow we will touch on the second modality of "Awakened doing" according to Eckhart Tolle, called, “Enjoyment”.


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