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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LoA Challenge- Day 14: Attract money...dream home...weightloss...etc Give a to-do list over to your "Personal Manager"!

Day 14: LoA 30 Day challenge

Take a few quiet minutes and listen to Ester Hicks Spiritual lecture on the Law of Attraction. There is a wonderful tool she gives you in the second short video. It is something I have never thought of, but will make it my Day 14 Law of Attraction Task.

Part One: Subconscious Thought Verses Conscious Thinking.
What is more important?

What I personally love about part 2 below, is the tool Ester Hicks offers to help us merge our vibrational frequency to a higher law of attraction vibration. Listen to her spiritual lecture here and let me know in a comment if you caught the tool you can do to:

Free yourself of negative vibration and instead invite your "manager" to take care of ALL of your personal business.


Tanya said...

Day 14:
To-Do List for my personal manager: Uni’

I really appreciate you taking over my affairs, with your assistance I am able to live in the moment, playing, laughing, and taking care of my little princess.

I’m also able to focus on my creative endeavors, Writing, Speaking at local Domestic Violence Centers and low income senior housing facilities, Being an advocate for those less fortunate.

I'm Enjoying this beautiful spring weather flying kites with my princess, rolling down hills and swinging and swimming.

Because of your role in my life I can live my dreams in the present, produce my videos, design fashions and hats, produce our great pilot Late Night T.V. show, and learn to hula hoop and belly dance.
I just can’t thank you enough!

Here is the most recent list of things you requested to take off my shoulders:

1. Clear my debts with all those creditors calling and mailing me.
2. Get my mom a new couch, the best one available.
3. Find me a new home, one that fits our lifestyle perfectly.
4. Get rid of the clutter in my room and storage unit.
5. Get rid of my divorce weight by June 09.
6. Make arrangements to pay off my student loans.
7. Deposit enough money into my bank account to live comfortably.
8. Do something special that will make you feel GREAT.
9. Find me a publisher who wants me to write a book for them.
10. Deliver Pat a safe and reliable mobility scooter.

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