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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 15 LoA 30 Day Challenge: Release it!

Day 15
Release it!
It is time for m to delve deeper into this awesome lifestyle and to release some hidden negative vibrations I am carrying.
For me, personally- I still hear an inner voice “my ego” telling me I don’t deserve this or that, It will never happen, my dreams will never manifest, ha- I will never be out of debt. Etc…
Today my fellow co-creators, we are releasing our inner negative vibrations, the ones only we hear, feel, and argue with. The ones that do us no good, and actually attract the opposite of what we really want.
Yesterday’s tool in this challenge was extremely helpful for me, it was a great start, handing over what is eating me up inside. It helped to release some of these negative emotions. All day yesterday I found myself loving how I looked, how my body felt, I noticed a glow about me- and thought throughout the day how beautiful I am at this very moment. My little princess called me “momma princess” all day long. Also, I only got 4 phone calls from the creditors, instead of the dozen or so I usually get.
When they called, I would just tell my “manager” Uni’, “Hey this is for you.”
So, I know I’m in the right direction, and I feel I am living my dreams. But I sure want to go farther down the rabbit hole.
There are 5 common mistakes us newbie’s make when working with the LoA.
Today we are going to confront our egos and release that small inner voice telling us, 
“No Way, you can’t have it!”
Today we will work on mistake #1:
1. Positive Thinking is Enough to Attract your dreams.

  •  I tell my self I am “hot”, “attractive”, and “thin.” “I’m out of debt.” I have multiple streams of income doing what I love.” But when I look in the mirror or get on the scale, or visualize paying off my debt and shopping for a home, the opposite is unleashed subconsciously. The subconscious tells me, look at yourself, you have back fat, your hips are still huge, your butt is gigantic.” “You will always be poor and in debt.”
  • These negative inner comments are followed up with “emotion”. When emotion is involved with the law of attraction, it sets a vibration, and that energy will in turn attract exactly what you’re feeling. For me, it will raise the numbers on the scale, it will give me a distorted image in the mirror, and it will make me doubt my goals. So, in order to release these negative emotions, and to stop attracting the opposite of what you and I REALLY want, we need to “release” these negative emotions. There are many techniques to do this. 

For me, this is how I will handle things:
         Today I will respond to my inner negative voice with emotion. I will tell it with authority,   
         “Hey, get out of here. There is no room for you in my present moment!” 
  • With every negative emotion I feel, I will write a “good bye” letter- saying: “You” “the topic” have spent enough time making me feel awful. I am leaving you behind. I feel great about my life and I love feeling “good” about myself. All you do is hurt me. GOOD BYE!"

  •  I will write a “Welcome note” to every positive emotion I feel.

 Lastly, I will do something nice for someone else. This always give’s me a GREAT feeling, and attaches a powerful positive emotion to it. Thus, creating a positive vibration and weakening the negative ones.  

You are encouraged to comment on this post. You might have a great technique that will help me, or someone else to “release” these nasty negative emotional vibes.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LoA Challenge- Day 14: Attract money...dream home...weightloss...etc Give a to-do list over to your "Personal Manager"!

Day 14: LoA 30 Day challenge

Take a few quiet minutes and listen to Ester Hicks Spiritual lecture on the Law of Attraction. There is a wonderful tool she gives you in the second short video. It is something I have never thought of, but will make it my Day 14 Law of Attraction Task.

Part One: Subconscious Thought Verses Conscious Thinking.
What is more important?

What I personally love about part 2 below, is the tool Ester Hicks offers to help us merge our vibrational frequency to a higher law of attraction vibration. Listen to her spiritual lecture here and let me know in a comment if you caught the tool you can do to:

Free yourself of negative vibration and instead invite your "manager" to take care of ALL of your personal business.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 13 LoA 30 Day Challenge: Share someones reality today.

It is a blessing, so darn refreshing, and an honor to be apart of this life and to witness our society taking a step back from "media imposed beauty" and instead experiencing "real" inner beauty. It has been a long time coming, but my instinct tells me based on the magical voice of Susan Boyle that history has taken a turn for the best in our previously "appearance and weight obsessed culture".

Take a moment and listen to a performance she did back in 1999- close your eyes, and inhale her magical moment.
Song: Cry Me a River
by Susan Boyle

I believe that based on performances like this, and the many, many more to follow, our Universes Creative Consciousness is vibrating to a higher energy. I am so IN! What an ecstatic time to be alive. People are waking up and giving their undivided attention to all walks of life, not judging from the outside but instead looking for something authentic, genuine and beautiful that exists in all of us.

There is beauty, authenticity and a genuine positive spirit in each and every one of us. Last night I walked a dear sweet senior lady across the street in her wheel chair. She was crossing a major intersection on Michigan Ave, downtown Ypsilanti, MI with no help. What really upset me was that she had to do it backwards, as she could not use her arms due to Multiple Sclerosis, so she pushes her entire body in this cheep, raggedy old wheelchair with the use of her feet.

I have visited with Pat in the elevators at Town Centra Place, a low income senior housing facility in Ypsilanti, MI for six months. She just turned 70 years old a few weeks ago. I have helped her around the hallways and such, but NEVER have I been given the opportunity to live "her" reality for a couple of hours until yesterday. Pushing her across Michigan Ave, a busy, four lane intersection and then down an ally to get to the entrance of the grocery store was hard just with me pushing her, not to mention the rough neighborhood. I could not imagine how physically difficult her life is until now.

I could not believe her bright spirit in spite of these setbacks. I found myself asking her a few times as I slowly pushed her, "how do you do this?"
This 70 year old woman has more strength in her spirit then I could ever imagine.

After the grocery store adventure, we strolled into the local Cony Island on the corner of Michigan Ave. I was soaked in sweat, finding it terribly hard to maneuver her chair up the steep entry, while carrying her grocery's. No one bothered to help, not surprising I guess coming from this dive-joint of a place, but hopefully this is soon to change with the shift in consciousness taking place in our world.

Your task today my friend is to share someones reality, someone less fortunate than you. Let the Universe guide you and it surly will to just the right person, who could really use your support in a specific matter. You might find that this person will show up just as your ego does. The Challenge is opening up your heart, and to look around you today with new eyes.

My new senior friend, Pat has an electric scooter, but it is broken and the manufacturers are out of business. It is my intention to find her a safe ride, or to find someone to fix hers. This is now apart of my LoA 30 day challenge.

No one should have to live like this in our society- I am grateful for those few hours. Pat allowed me to share her reality, and she smiled the whole time.
It made me realize that my current situation is not as bad as I perceived it to be.
I won't let you down Pat!

Thank you, Uni'!

Day 12: LOA 30 Day Challenge: Take responsibility for your state.

The final “Modality of Awakened Doing” is ACCEPTANCE.
If you can not feel enthusiastic or enjoyment in your present moment, you have one other choice. We can accept it or we can choose to not accept it. By accepting it, you are allowing a subtle vibration of “peace” into the Universe and of course into you. According to Eckhart Tolle, this vibration has enough energy in it to actually change our current state of mind. It is not a “passive” vibration, it is an “active and creative” vibration, bringing something entirely new into our existence.
Today’s LOA challenge is: To accept whatever present situation you find yourself in, or stop doing it.
It took me almost two years to accept the picking up and dropping off of our little princess, sharing her equally during the divorce proceedings. It is still hard for me to accept, but this past drop off, I took responsibility for my state. I even went a step further and offered to drop her off this time.
During this drop off I took my mom and brother along, inviting them out to some drinks and burgers after the drop off, to my favorite dive hang-out. Guess what? This day turned out to be a high energy vibration day! Usually days like this are too depressing for me to accept. Today, the universe guided us on a magical path to an ultimate notice: That the Law of Attraction is indeed REAL! The universe IS working for US.
Here is how it all came down.
First, while in the car I was talking to my brother about staying present, and how when we are in the present we feel a lot better about ourselves and less depressed about the future and the past. He caught on to this, spotting an enormous rainbow guiding us on our 30 minute drive.
After the baby-daddy drop-off, I stopped into the local convenience store to grab a paper for my mom and get cash back to treat my family to a few games of keno, drinks and burgers. Of course, if ego was present, she would had stopped me, saying "I can't afford to treat my family."
The lady behind the counter was absolutely charming, gracious, and genuinely kind. It is so rare to feel accepted by a stranger in an environment like this, but I know now it is my reality. She was the second sign, in addition to the rainbow: Showing me that we are on a magical route this day.
Lastly, we stepped out of the car, my brother and mom, hesitant about the establishment I was taking them into. From the outside, it looks like a damp, dark, scary local “only” hangout. I assured them that it was safe and really cool inside. What occurred next had my mom and brother proclaiming a different side to my reality.
I guided them to a nice table and before I even sat down, an intoxicated retired cowboy motioned me to pay him a visit at the bar. My mom and brother nervously sat down as I contemplated his invitation. It was my hat he wanted to see. A hot second later I found myself stepping out of the box and inviting the unknown. Cowboy and I exchanged hats, we laughed like crazy at our appearance along with the other bar packed drinking locals!
He came over to our table and made sure our cutie pie waitress put our tab on his. My mom and brother were taken aback over this event. For two hours, we all drank, laughed, listened to the senior cowboys stories, played some keno and ate. I ended up breaking even on keno.
The truly magical moment occurred when cowboy slipped me something. This “something” happened to be the EXACT thing I have contemplated purchasing for several days now. I even spoke about it on the Day 7 of the Law of Attraction Challenge where, “We are deliberately creating our reality through high vibration meditation.” In this post I announced that I WON the Michigan state lottery raffle, $700, 000!
Well since I posted this, meditated on it and twittered about it, I decided I should win both grand prizes of $700,000- which meant I needed another $10.00 raffle ticket. This is my reality. Cowboy slipped me the other $10.00 raffle ticket! Ticket# 0965841 Drawing date: May 04.2009

The funny thing is, I never told Cowboy or my family about this, it’s dialogue between me and the Universe as I work the tools of the LOA.
Cowboy and I exchanged a heartfelt hug of gratitude and compassion, the hug signified to me the ultimate sign from the Uni’, I am indeed living my dream life right NOW! Because I "accepted" my reality.
You are living yours, enjoy your reality.  

By the way, I may not have won the "big lottery" but sharing a wonderfully unexpected couple of hours with my family and a delightful stranger bearing gifts including an extra $10.00 special lottery ticket made me feel like a winner in the moment!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 11: Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge. Enjoy it, baby!


Enjoyment is your link to the creative power of our Universe.
It has it's own unique vibrational frequency!

Have you tried to be present in the moment, knowing that in a few minutes into the future you will have to deal with a new moment you wish you could just avoid?

You can not control the past because it is gone, you can not control 10 minutes into the future, because it has not happened yet, the only time you can control is right now, your present moment.

Do you know, that instead of focusing all your attention on what you are about to be doing, for example, rehearsing future dialog, anticipating others reactions and yours, mentally putting up boundaries to protect yourself for the near future- these are all examples of not living in the present moment, not enjoying the present moment, because you are not here, not in the now, where everything is really happening.

I have to drive to a destination I absolutely hate to do but must. Take my little princess for her parenting time with my ex. This has always been a seriously, difficult task for me. She cries, want's to stay with me, throws a tantrum on the way to his place. I am always mentally preparing myself for something new he will undoubtedly spring on me, and my past comes into play as I hate to drive through the neighborhood we started our marriage and family in. This has been a painful recurring theme in the last two years.

The closer I would get to his place the stronger the anxiety. I lost myself every 30 minute drive twice a week for the last two years. I’ve lost approximately 96 hours of living in the present, not to mention all the 40 minute drives to divorce and court related events. Probably another 96 or so hours on top of this and the hours, the days, the nights of crying, of drinking my pain and past away- Well, let’s just say I have probably lost an entire year of living in the present. A year I can never get back. A year, which is now my past, but yet all I can remember for the most part is me spending that year living in the past and the future.
Here is where enjoyment of your present moment can change the outcome of the future, no matter how strongly you believe that in ten minutes from now, your situation is just gong to suck, big-time!
By giving power over to our ego, we are limiting the power our Universe has to offer at this very moment. The ego will not allow us to indulge in the magic of the present moment, it is not compatible at all with the beauty and the creative forces the Universe has set into motion in the present moment just for you. Therefore, our ego does not reside in the present, only the past and the future.
Today’s task is for you to diligently find enjoyment in every moment of your day today.
If it is a drive to work, a destination you have to go to even though you loath it- find enjoyment in the drive, the weather, the aliveness of your being. Remind yourself that your are “driving” you are “enjoying this drive”, “the beauty of the birds flying past”, etc. Don’t think about all the stuff you have to do once you get there, all the other egos you have to deal with upon arrival, all the problems that are waiting for you to solve or deal with.
None of this has happened yet, the only thing happening is right now, the drive, the weather, the first rainbow of the year, etc.
You will find that when you are tuned into the present moment, you are tuned into the beauty of the moment and a feeling of peace and aw of being alive right now will take precedence and your ego will retreat. You are now allowing the Universe to connect with you and it's high energy vibration is now apart of your life, connecting you to the creative consciousness of all of us living in the moment.
Now, anything is possible- the rest of your day has unlimited magical possibilities because you are now connected to a limitless universal outlet of creative intelligence where everything is possible, beyond your wildest imagination. Eckhart Tolle explains in "A New Earth", that "enjoyment will replace wanting as the motivating power behind people's actions."
Doesn’t that sound nice? Who knows, by the time you arrive at your destination you just might be greeted with an overwhelming positive welcome in a truly authentic and endearing manner that will set into motion for you that, “Yes, indeed. I love and ENJOY this exact moment, right now! Nothing else matters.”
Powerful stuff my friend, you deserve it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 10: Law of Attraction 30 day challange- 911 Emergency Call to Self

Enthusiasm has a high energy frequency-
 For the past 20 some odd years, I can't tell you how many times in conversation friends, co-workers and employers  have said, (in describing me) "Her enthusiasm is contagious!" 
When you find that reaching a goal is more stressful for you because you are focusing all your attention on the end result you are not connecting with the universe. When you focus on the present moment, on what you are doing now instead of all the steps, all the plans, all the details needed to achieve your goal, you will feel relaxed, calm and enter into the wave of creative energy. With continued enthusiasm you're plugging into a powerful outlet that will carry you through to your goal. It will create in your present moment the perfect road-map to achieve what ever it is you want.
Your road map is personalized just for you, it is as unique as you are, and most importantly you are already in route. Point A is in the past and Point B is in the future. How we get to the end result is not up to us. We do not decide the steps needed. Live in the moment, revel in your enthusiasm over this exact moment in your life- and let the Universe guide you to your goals. Opportunities present themselves, it is up to you to decide if you accept or decline what is offered in this moment.
Keep an eye on your ego- it is always around the corner wanting you to avoid the present, wanting to attach what ever it can to you. Causing you to feel overwhelmed, stressed out and anxious. If you are feeling any kind of anxiety, it is because the ego is working double-time on you, keeping you from what is most important- the now.
So, use enthusiasm as a tool to connect with the creative process of the universe. The ego can not reside in you if you are feeling enthusiastic about the present moment. The ego always wants something. Eckhart Tolle explains it best, “Enthusiasm “wants” nothing because it lacks nothing.”
Here is your 911 emergency call to self- to see if you are indeed living in the moment:
Is your goal an inflated sense of self? Is it you wanting to be rich, famous, a star, important to society in some way? For me I really had to research my inner motivations, as I was nervous when I read Eckhart’s explanation about the difference between having static goals and “goals that enrich not only your life, but countless others as well.” In order to achieve your goals using the Universe as your catalyst you need to tap into the “un-manifested source of all life.” This means, you need to find value in your goal as it is something that not only you need, but something that will help others in some way as well.
Your Challenge today is to research your inner motivations, and decide if your goals are self serving ones, or are to help benefit and enrich the lives of not only you, but many, many others as well?
For me, my ultimate goal is to be able to speak at domestic violence centers telling my success story and inspiring others to never give up! I need to keep this in the front of my mind, because I never want to get lost in my own ego, I don’t want to feel more important than someone else. I want to live simply- in the present moment- in peace and happiness, with love and compassion. I want to have honor and respect for others before me- even if my ego can’t stand them.
Enthusiasm is delight in what you are doing now, shared with the goal you are working towards.
Ride the wave’s right now, with enthusiasm in the present moment and you will realize you already achieved your goal.
Tomorrow we will touch on the second modality of "Awakened doing" according to Eckhart Tolle, called, “Enjoyment”.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 9: Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge: Ride the Waves!

We are going to explore three days of spiritual/universal high vibration tools to get you glowing from the inside out! To connect you and myself and the universe on the same high frequency law of attraction wave. Let's ride the waves together baby!

I recently finished A New Earth by spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle-

In his book, he shows you in simple terms and techniques how to ground your spirit, connect with the universe and identify when ego is present in our lives and others. I can't recommend this book enough!
In the past 9 days I can HONESTLY say that the law of attraction is REAL- based on my own phenomenal experiences.

With Eckhart's help, I realize that I was not living in the present until I dialed down my ego and accepted my present situation. When ego was in charge, I missed opportunity's to be happy and ran from the magic happening right before me.

My Law of Attraction testimonial for these past 9 days:

  • I am more appreciative of my present situation, more at peace with myself than  EVER before, and more in "the moment"! Fear is less apart my my present life now.
On the physical level of things:

  • Sold a domain name I've owned a few years for over $700.00

  • The Universe sent me on a wonderful, high-end-vacation, showing me that I MATTER, and I DESERVE to be treated like a queen.

  • The Universe gave me the winning entry into an online contest in which my little princess is now the proud owner of a V-Tech V-Motion Learning System, similar to a Nintendo WII.

  • The Universe placed a call to me this morning informing me that I won a $50.00 gift card to my all time favorite local thrift store, Value World!

Mind you, I am a single, stay at home mom, no "real" job- freshly divorced and lost everything including my dignity over these past three years.

Depression took hold me and I felt completely spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. It was as if a black cloud followed and hovered over me 24/7.

But now, I am on a brand new life adventure, my starting point is back at home at my mom's, under some extremely heavy negative influences that I would prefer to avoid, but am forced to adapt to the best I can. So, I am doing my best with grace, enthusiasm and acceptance.

If I can still believe in magic, the power of the law of attraction, and KNOW that my dream of living a contemporary Cinderella-bohemian lifestyle that is in fact Present, then you too are living your dreams- or are about to!

Here are the tools we will focus on for the next three days to get you connecting with the Universe's high frequency vibration, wave of positive, magical energy that is life changing:

Acceptance, Enthusiasm, and Enjoyment

- Eckart Tolle explains that these are the "modalities of Awakened Doing." "In which you can align your life with the creative power of the Universe."

When you do this, you are allowing yourself to connect with the creative consciousness of our Universe, and inviting peace, love, magic and positive energy into your life.

You and your ego will remain dysfunctional in our Universe until what you do and how you live "arises out of one of these three modalities."

My new mantra is, "Do it with grace."

What ever and where ever my present moment is, I want to exude grace from inside out. This helps me to remember all I have is THIS moment in time, it sets my ego at bay, and reminds me that THIS moment needs me to be PRESENT- in order to be truly alive and connected to what is in front of me.

So, your tool- for today is: "Do it with GRACE."

No matter how uncomfortable your present moment might be, how much you don't want to deal with it, if it's your present moment- Find grace in yourself as you go about it. If you have no idea how to deal- just ask the Uni' for direction. Take some deep breaths, and allow the answer to come-you will be amazed at how simple a technique this really is, and how empowering it is for your spiritual growth.

Tune in tomorrow, and we will begin to use the three modalities to connect us with the creative consciousness awaking in our world.

Ride the Waves... cheers!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 8: Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge: Tools for the Present

Day 8

Today we are going to create our own PRESENT moment tool. Something to help remind us we are living in the present and attracting to us ALL our dreams come true!

For me, I decided to purchase a parasol in my favorite color. This is my way of letting the Universe know that black clouds will not affect me. My parasol protects me from any negativity that may linger in my direction.

Today, figure out something totally unique that will keep negativity away from you and invite a positive energy when ever you carry it on you.

It has been a week now that I have been carrying my parasol with me and I gotta tell you, I feel so darn empowered out in public. The smiles I receive are so genuine and when I cross the street, cars actually come to a full stop, letting me cross in front of them.

Have fun, deciding on your positive tool to carry with you- give it meaning, and allow your spirit to help decide the perfect, personal tool for you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 7 Law of attraction 30 day challenge: 17 Second High Vibration Meditation

Day 7
We are deliberately creating our reality through high vibration meditation.
Today and for the rest of the month we are going to set our vibration frequency to the same frequency of the universe.
Decide on 5 important matters you want to manifest for this 30 day law of attraction challenge.
Next: Spend 17 seconds meditating on each matter. 
For an example I have my five personal matters to be manifested  in this post.
(Please note that the word “challenge” used in this project- is really a FUN, easy, and attainable challenge.) You are brave for believing in your dreams! You are defying the social cultural rules telling you “NO”!
You and I are now saying, I “KNOW” this is possible.
My 5 Personal Matters:
1. I am creating multiple streams of income.
For 17 seconds I am setting my vibration by feeling, visualizing, acknowledging, and expressing gratitude for being able to have multiple streams of income.
I visualize checks in my mailbox from various peeps and companies paying me to do what I love.
I feel my debit card in my hand and feel my fingers on the buttons as I deposit my money in the ATM.
I acknowledge that I am being paid to do what I love.
I am grateful to be able to be paid for living my life as a free spirit. Soooo grateful, that I give back to my community by sharing my story to women in domestic violence shelters.

2. I won the Michigan Lucky 7S Raffle: $700,000 BABY!
Winning Ticket# 0082233
Drawing date: May 04.2009

I feel so much relief, a weight lifted from my shoulders. I feel the winning ticket burning in my hand. I visualize talking to my Uncle on the phone getting referrals for an attorney. I acknowledge that anything is possible if you truly believe, and I tell jesse sinatra, “I TOLD you so!” yum!
I express deep emotional gratitude to the Uni’ for turning me into a women of independent means!

3. I am shopping for my first home with my little princess.
I feel as if I am on the adventure of my life, never could I know what it feels like to actually shop and purchase a home until now. I am visualizing my video journal about this glorious day! I acknowledge how free and independent I feel, and acknowledge how I could never have gotten to this point with out the love and support of my family. I thank you, our Universe for believing in me and for knowing this day would arrive.

4. I answer every call from my creditors- saying, “How much, and where do I send it?” I feel the phone in my left hand and a pen in the other as I write down the balance due and the address to send it. I look into my video camera with such a smile as I answer every call. ;) At the end of each call, I thank the collector, wish them well and tell them the law of attraction really works!

5. I look HOT…. Baby! Lost all that nasty divorce weight, I am toned and fit into a natural size 4 again! I love, love, love the fact I never got rid of my cool ass wardrobe from the safety girl days. I see myself and little princess playing dress-up with my costumes from the show. I acknowledge the satisfaction I feel with how I look. More importantly, the egotistical personal satisfaction I get each time I have to see the ex husband! Knowing that my being wildly successful and hot is the ultimate revenge! I am so grateful now with each pick up and drop off.
Ok, fellow co-creators, it is your turn! If you are blogging about taking this challenge, please comment here so we can follow each others dreams coming true!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 6 Law of Attraction 30 day challenge: Smile baby!

Today, you need to smile!

Your challenge today is to live simply, try to avoid anything that doesn't put a smile on your face. Try to find reasons to smile, try to make someone else smile-even if you are confronted with pain, misery, unhappiness or negativity.

Keep a notepad and pen on you and jot down how you got your smiles today.

Here is a powerful short movie that will put a smile on your face- it will give you the "POW" you need. Rev up your present moment and will set into motion a positive, wonderful day RIGHT now!

Come back to this post and leave a comment about your smiles today!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 5 Law of Attraction 30 day challenge.

Wow, this REALLY does work!
Although I have known this for years, working the LoA tools here and there, I am now feeling momentum in the Universe, bringing to me what I ask for at rapid speed!

Here I am on Day five, and through deliberately addressing my ultimate dream in conversations with my honey and the Universe over the past 5 days, yesterday I sold a domain name for $700.00.

Today, I got a call out of the blue to help do some last minute work, clean some walls to be painted for $100.00- Now this is how I like to live. Just picture this... Here I am at the playground with my baby girl, my cell rings. I answer it, and 5 minutes later I am $700 + richer and singing and swinging with my baby! This is EXACTLY how I want to live in the present, it felt GREAT. So, my dear LoA believers-

DAY 5 Challenge 

What do you REALLY want RIGHT NOW?

Stress it in one present-tense sentence.

"I'm making a living doing what I love without working outside of my home!"

State your "want" to another soul with all the emotion and determination you can conjure up from inside. BELIEVE! Believe it is possible and that the Universe is at work on your behalf to make IT happen! Keep this well stated dream in the front of your mind for at least an entire 24 hours.

For me, I kept it upfront by taking some steps to keep me focused on the present:

First I always tell myself and others in regards to my present situation,
"It will ALL work out!"  
This is my tag line at the end of the majority of all my conversations.

Next, I put the Universe on Emergency Alert by going through my storage unit and taking my one and only high end art piece to a gallery in Ypsilanti to sell.

I purchased this painting 10 years ago from a gallery in Sagatuck, MI. Purchased with love, it was the only signed art work I have ever been able to buy.

As the lady behind the counter appraised it, we discovered that we BOTH had the same current situation due to a nasty divorce. It was comforting to meet another person sharing a simular present situation.

I unloaded my personal belonging and past in her hands and exited the gallery with my princess feeling hopeful and in the moment as we headed down the street to a majical park called "Frog Island".
I love frogs, have a collection of froggy paraphanila somewhere in my storage unit.

My point in telling you this?

Look for signs from the Uni'- The Universe and I are now on a nick name basis!
Reread my post and notice the personal signals the Uni' put in front of me, to let me know it is working on my behalf.

Now, look for your personal signals, stay in the present as much as you are able and KNOW the Uni' is working for you right now.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Day 4: The Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge- How to handle your new found WEALTH

You Hit it Big Congratulations baby!
Today's assignment is to add your MONEY and WEALTH to your vision board. It's not just a picture of money you need for your vision board, you need a plan in advance as to how to handle ALL your money.

You are creating your own success story, when the Universe pays you, you my dear will already have all the tools at your disposal to keep you grounded, focused, practical and educated about what to do first with ALL YOUR MONEY!

All the aspects of how to handle your NEW money, distribute it to your friends and family, invest, and paying taxes can be found here:
How to Handle a winning BIG LOTTERY ticket.


Reach out to your close family and friends for referrals on a good fee based financial advisor who works for a reputable firm that specializes in high volumes of money. Good ones will charge a flat fee of about $100,000 a year.

Use pictures to support your vision board, such as an accountant, an attorney, and financial adviser.

These are very important aspects to your vision board as it makes your Present Story more alive and detailed!
The best part is that when you do hit it big you can refer to your vision board and be reminded as to how to go about claiming what is YOURS! Have fun with this one! ;)

Day 3 Law Of Attraction 30 Day Challenge: Shop for your Dream Home!

Today your assignment is to shop for your dream home to place on your vision board.

Be totally unrealistic, your dream home has all the bells and whistles, every detail is grand, inviting, just the way you visualize it!

Print out pictures of various qualities from several homes. Design and customize your perfect dream home.

Include some subtle quality's too, such as your garden, specific kinds of flowers and trees. Brass plumbing, heated floors. You get the idea.

How about a stone in the walkway, a fingerprint that will tell you when you are actually there, 
"yes, this is indeed THE ONE!" Print out ONE fine point that only you and the Universe knows you want in this dream home of yours.

Include your children too- have them seek out their ultimate bed room, back yard, etc... and print out those pictures for your vision board. Put a picture of your child in their dream surroundings.

Visualize the ultimate ride with your family and friendly broker as you all drive down the streets, and take personal home tours. Your broker understands what is important to you and narrows your search to only include exactly what you specified.

How much fun is this?! This will take all day, maybe more- have fun.
Most importantly, BELIEVE you deserve it and already live here!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Day Two: The 30 day Law of Attraction Challenge

OK... so this is what I have experienced so far working the tools of the universe:

  • Chance encounters with significant people from my past!
  • Inner Self Discovery- too personal to blog.
  • A Deeper Perspective of life and the personality of those close to me.
  • That VISUALIZATION works! I Won a contest online- a V-Tech System for my princess!!! Delivered in a HUGE box the next day.
  • A new found sense of peace, knowing that everything is O.K... and the present is only temporary and the potential to achieve my dreams is a REALITY!
  • Most importantly, I feel like my past is IN the past and today I am in control of myself.
Day 2 Challenge

  1. Admit to yourself and someone you trust- a present fear in your life, and then ask the Universe to show you a tool to help you.
  2. Next, let it go and go on with your day as usual. Something will "pop" up that will be encouraging and enlightening into your situation.
  3. Take a few minutes out of your day to connect with the core of the Universe- close your eyes, focus your inner sight to a point where your third eye is- take in all the positive feelings of everyone else who is working with the law of attraction, and know you are apart of it ALL- in unity.  A smile on your face will emerge from an inner knowing that your dreams are coming true.
  4. Here is a great LOA tool- a video to watch to help support you today: Only 10 min- take a few notes, don't worry if you don't "get" some of it- more importantly, refer to your notes today in sentences that apply to you directly. Have fun! ;)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 1: The Law of Attraction... A 30 day challenge!

OK my diminutive readers, I am ready for a challenge.
I will work with the tools the universe is currently offering me in order to live an abundant, out of this world life.

For the next 30 days I will be blogging each day on how I am using the Law of Attraction to get me where I ultimately see myself.

Are you ready to take a huge leap of faith? To challenge your ego and allow your spirit and the Universe to work it's magic?

If so- here is our FIRST challenge for today:

You need a Vision Board- any darn thing will do... something, any thing to put pictures on that describe your ultimate life.
Start right now by grabbing pictures from a magazine, print off the internet, anything.
Just add a few right now to get started. This is a fun and simple challenge just for today!

Next: You need daily messages from the Universe.

I get mine sent to me in my email. I just love and appreciate how the message always seems directed right to ME!

To get a daily message sent to you, go here:

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