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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can health and fitness be fun?

My ultimate goal: Me at 115 pounds back in 2006

Me "now" at 157 pounds!
Well, I have started my weight-loss regime AGAIN...

I started it on Tuesday, Feb 3rd

My goal is to lose 20 pounds by April 16th- for a much needed trip I am taking.

Being a women, the weight-loss adventure can be ohhhh soooo depressing!

I weighed in at 157 the first day of my diet...

By Feb 6... only three days later I weighed in at 159.
Later that day my period started with vengeance!
So, I had put on two pounds of period weight gain!

Oh how sad I was... the only thing to keep me motivated was thinking after my period I will have a huge loss... Today...Wed, Feb 11th I am 158.

For women, age and hormones can play such a significant role in how fast you lose.

This blog post is for me and every women out here struggling to shed those extra pounds!

My diet is simple:.... No more "French Fries".... lol
1200 calories a day...
Get in 10,000 steps a day

I pulled out my mini trampoline, dusted it off and started to bounce to "The View."
One hour later I had 4000 steps in, 4 miles, and flushed 250 calories off my bod!

For some extra support I purchased a pedometer and a set of 5 pound Velcro wrist weights to use on my trampoline.

My baby girl loves to bounce with me, and I totally let her have fun while I sweat like crazy.

For me it is important to not put myself on a strict routine- I allow myself to enjoy my baby, I slow down when she makes me, but I don't quit, I don't get frustrated, and I sure in hell NEVER get mad at her. I make my fitness routine apart of her FUN... and this helps me to relax and enjoy my baby while ridding my body of calories!

As an added support tool... I plan on purchasing a hula-hoop later on today...

This is all an experiment for me... Can health and fitness be fun?
I plan to find out.

Tune in as I plan on including some short videos of my regimen, progress, commentary's, and pic's.


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