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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I lost three pounds in ten days.

Nothing is more motivating for me than seeing actual weight-loss!

It is Sunday, Feb 15th...I had  a "fun-out" on the trampoline with my princess daughter, and cooled down with the hula hoop...

I am proud to say that by noon- I have gotten in 5100 steps!!!

With sweat pouring off me, I took the dreaded plunge and weighed in... 156!!!

I care not what kind of weight loss this is...it can be water loss, period loss, whatever kind of loss- for me NUMBERS are motivating!

So the goal for today is to get in another 5100 steps by having another "fun out".

I also plan on making ONE healthy dinner with my princess this evening by following a healthy recipe 100% through... We will be making De-Lightful tuna casserole. One serving of 1-1/4 cups is 329 calories.

Also, I have started to chew each bite at least 12 times... this is harder than you might think, try it sometime. It is a fun way to slow down and let your tummy get fuller sooner, preventing you from overeating.

So far Since I started Feb 6th... ten days later this experiment is proving to me that weight-loss and fitness can in deed be fun, hence my "Fun-Out" way of doing it.


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