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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Make Your Own Pin Up Girl line!

The Pin-Up Girl Diet: Click here to view more details

Ok... Here is yet another free online crafty girl project for you.

Make your own Pin-Up Girl label.

I love the 1920's booze culture... In support of my weight-loss goals, (I'm now at 153lbs) instead of eating crap today I am making my own line of "Pin-Up Girl" Bathroom products to keep me focused and on track!

Here is an example of my shampoo label... click on the link and you can have fun making your own.


Friday, February 20, 2009

155lbs Hula Hooping my way to looking hot...hot...hot!

O.K. so I took the plunge after watching several Hula (hoola) hoop videos online.

I am now down to 155lbs and have working my butt off with my cheap $5.00 hula hoop, 5 pound wrist weights and my fun trampoline.

Now it is time to reward my 4 pound weight loss with a new support tool!

I am purchasing from Amazon a professional weighted hula hoop and instructional hoop dance dvd!

Here are the two items I personally just bought-

Instructional DVD:

In this inventive exercise DVD you get cardiovascular fitness, strengthening and energizing, and you'll burn lots of calories once you get the technique of Hooping down. This DVD is for beginners through advanced.The hoops used are professional weighted hoops, wrapped in friction tape which helps it to stick to your hips!

Christabel Zamor is attractive and dynamic, the video includes:

  • Intro
  • Warm-up  
  • How to Hoop
  • Marching in Place
  • Step-Touch
  • Grapevine
  • Dance Party 
  • You'll also get a "Cool Down" and a fabulous performance where Christabel shows us the 101 things one can do dancing with a hoop.

If you haven't done this before you'll start to feel the burn on "the inch you can pinch" around your waist in the "How to Hoop" section, and as the DVD progresses, you can almost feel your midriff toning as you dance. This is a superb exercise for your torso and especially your waist and hips, but you'll also get results for your shoulders, legs and arms.

Don't worry if you feel a little clumsy at first while you try to rotate the hoop and move your feet at the same time. With a little practice, you'll get the hang of it. The "Dance Party" moves are terrific, and once learned you can do them to your favorite up-tempo music and you'll have a blast while you burn up all those calories.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am so loving the Calorie Count Food Log!

I am so loving the Calorie Count Food Log!
With just a few quick clicks, it will spit out my calorie intake for me.

This is a great support tool, since I am online A LOT...
I no longer have to keep track of what I eat and drink.

I just put it in my food log and it will do this tedious work for me, showing me how many calories I have consumed and how many more I have left to play with in order to stay on track to reaching my goal!

Here is an example of what I am talking about...

Lunch today was a huge salad, apple sauce and vegetable juice-

Mon, Feb 16 2009

Lettuce, Iceberg - (Includes Crisphead Types), Raw 15
Onions - Raw 16
Tomato (Roma), 1 med. Raw - Fruits 13
Fat Free Caesar Croutons - 8 croutons 60
Dressing, Low Fat Thousand Island 2 Tbl 45
Tomato Juice - Canned, With Salt Added 30
Apple Sauce Unsweetened - 1/2 cup 50

Total 229 calories for a fabulous low-fat and tasty Lunch!

Breakfast was coffee and orange juice giving me a total of 299 calories consumed and it is now 4:00 pm... I'm not terribly starving... and am looking forward to what is next on my menu with a whopping 901 calories left to eat up!

Hula Hoop for fitness and to show off!

Being a retro gal... I sure need to add hula hooping to the minimal list of "cool things I can do"....lol

I have decided to start hula hooping for exercise, but I am now discovering how much fun it would be to actually turn it into a cute act that I can perform in front of friends and family.

So as my hooping abilities grow, my post here will as well- to help myself and those interested in learning a fun, sexy, and great ab toning craft!

I purchased my hula hoop for...just $5.00... in the toy isle in the local grocery store.

Here is a great short 2 min hula hooping basics tutorial I found on youtube!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

4:00 in the afternoon and 10,000 steps in!!!

Follow up-

I did it... my goal was to get in over 10,000 steps before the evening-

My princess and I marched up and down all around the house. We played follow the leader and Simon says.

I also got back on the trampoline... and hula hooped my way to 10,912 steps.
301.17 cal burned, and 5.17 miles in.... all with out leaving the house... and having fun!

I must admit, my poor knee is in some pain- but I knew I would have some pain with this crazy goal today... lol

Any how.... I'm looking online now for a cool ass retro outfit for my trip in April!

Also... i joined up over at : http://caloriecount.about.com/

It is a great online support tool... they calculate your calories for you- and set you up on your personalized weight-loss goal. Very easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

I lost three pounds in ten days.

Nothing is more motivating for me than seeing actual weight-loss!

It is Sunday, Feb 15th...I had  a "fun-out" on the trampoline with my princess daughter, and cooled down with the hula hoop...

I am proud to say that by noon- I have gotten in 5100 steps!!!

With sweat pouring off me, I took the dreaded plunge and weighed in... 156!!!

I care not what kind of weight loss this is...it can be water loss, period loss, whatever kind of loss- for me NUMBERS are motivating!

So the goal for today is to get in another 5100 steps by having another "fun out".

I also plan on making ONE healthy dinner with my princess this evening by following a healthy recipe 100% through... We will be making De-Lightful tuna casserole. One serving of 1-1/4 cups is 329 calories.

Also, I have started to chew each bite at least 12 times... this is harder than you might think, try it sometime. It is a fun way to slow down and let your tummy get fuller sooner, preventing you from overeating.

So far Since I started Feb 6th... ten days later this experiment is proving to me that weight-loss and fitness can in deed be fun, hence my "Fun-Out" way of doing it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can health and fitness be fun?

My ultimate goal: Me at 115 pounds back in 2006

Me "now" at 157 pounds!
Well, I have started my weight-loss regime AGAIN...

I started it on Tuesday, Feb 3rd

My goal is to lose 20 pounds by April 16th- for a much needed trip I am taking.

Being a women, the weight-loss adventure can be ohhhh soooo depressing!

I weighed in at 157 the first day of my diet...

By Feb 6... only three days later I weighed in at 159.
Later that day my period started with vengeance!
So, I had put on two pounds of period weight gain!

Oh how sad I was... the only thing to keep me motivated was thinking after my period I will have a huge loss... Today...Wed, Feb 11th I am 158.

For women, age and hormones can play such a significant role in how fast you lose.

This blog post is for me and every women out here struggling to shed those extra pounds!

My diet is simple:.... No more "French Fries".... lol
1200 calories a day...
Get in 10,000 steps a day

I pulled out my mini trampoline, dusted it off and started to bounce to "The View."
One hour later I had 4000 steps in, 4 miles, and flushed 250 calories off my bod!

For some extra support I purchased a pedometer and a set of 5 pound Velcro wrist weights to use on my trampoline.

My baby girl loves to bounce with me, and I totally let her have fun while I sweat like crazy.

For me it is important to not put myself on a strict routine- I allow myself to enjoy my baby, I slow down when she makes me, but I don't quit, I don't get frustrated, and I sure in hell NEVER get mad at her. I make my fitness routine apart of her FUN... and this helps me to relax and enjoy my baby while ridding my body of calories!

As an added support tool... I plan on purchasing a hula-hoop later on today...

This is all an experiment for me... Can health and fitness be fun?
I plan to find out.

Tune in as I plan on including some short videos of my regimen, progress, commentary's, and pic's.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The new me!

Hi everyone... it has been a while since I posted here... the reason is I have been very busy over at my new blog, 

I encourage you to check it out and subscribe-

There you will find my latest news, reviews,  rants and raves...spinning across the internet and locally!

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