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Friday, November 07, 2008

How I got a FREE Jack LaLane Power Juicer!

If you’re new to how “the law of attraction” works, this post might help you understand.

Here is a very simple tool to help you manifest what you want in your life.

1. Be specific in what you want or need and why.

2. Visualize how you feel having received it.

3. Be thankful for receiving it.

4. Ask for it, post anywhere asking for it, and always “thank you” in advance!

Here is one example of what I have manifested using this technique…

1. Up late one night I got hypnotized by an infomercial- The Jack La Lane Power Juicer!

I decided I wanted a Juicer so I could start living more healthy, and as a support tool for my weight loss goal.

How I asked for it:

I posted in Craigslist asking, if anyone had an inexpensive Juicer they no longer needed to please let me know.

I searched for one on EBAY… visualizing how happy I would be using it. The prices were way out of my price range, but I did not focus on that.

I thought about all the recipes I would use and visualized myself putting the fresh fruits and veggies through it.

I checked my email a few times, had received some replies, but they wanted too much money.

A few weeks passed-
I checked my email and to my surprise someone had offered me a Juicer for “FREE.” She said it was her in-laws and they used it one time. She left it on her porch for me to pick up.
When I got it, I could not believe my eyes. It was the top of the line Jack Lalane Deluxe Juicer! Brand new, in the box with the recipe books and support tools to go with!

I thanked the Universe over and over as I drove my new juicer home, as soon as I got home I emailed the lady who gave it to me, expressing my deepest appreciation!


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