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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Something that is ALL mine!

Being a new stay at home mom- I struggled with an identity crises. For a long time I felt as if I had nothing to contribute to our family because I was not bringing home a check. My husband- sadly did not give me an allowance and pretty much said I was not an equal, because I was not working. He did not see me being a full time mom, house cleaner and wife as important as his job- being a pilot. Even though we both agreed I would be a stay at home mom.

Needless to say- my self esteem plummeted. I felt so alone and I lost confidence in myself. My husband did not offer me much emotional support, always bringing up how I should clean better and such.

Sadly, our marriage failed- he filed for divorce instead of accepting his role in our problems- (I always said it takes two)

He wanted a step-ford wife- and I wanted an identity and emotional support from him.

It will be a year in August that we have been separated, the divorce is final at the end of July- although I am still grieving our broken marriage, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

I have been practicing the law of attraction for over a year now- and spending a lot of time working on myself.

I can't express enough how much working online has helped me personally! It may not seem important, but I have met some great women who can relate to me- and I have been making extra money too.

I consider doing these surveys and paid to click programs ALL mine. I finally have something I can do from home, and I am getting paid! I am proud of myself for not giving up on my dreams- I did for a while. Even though doing these surveys and working on referrals might seem there is little to be gained from it. I know I have gained a lot: Money.... Friendship..... a place just for me.... and an identity. Most importantly I have regained my self esteem while earning a living.

What's more than that.... I have extremely good news I will post soon.  How working on my focus board and using the law of attraction is changing my life!

I'm so excited, motivated, and happy!
All thanks to not giving up and trying new things like this blog!

Follow your bliss.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Best Sites to make extra cash on:

Here is the run down so far on my fave online companies.

This one is still my all time fave site for making extra cash.I just love how you can watch your earnings grow as you finish each offer. The referral program is awesome!The members over at the forum are so helpful, its a great community, especially if you want to meet other moms making extra cash online.

When filling out surveys...

    By far, one of the most important things you can do is
    download CCleaner at www.ccleaner.com It is a free
    program and will get rid of the cookies that will prevent
    your offers from crediting. Cookies are small bits of
    information that are sent to your computer to track your
    identity. It is important to clear cookies after each and every
    offer that you do or you will not have a good approval
    rate on offers.

  • Also: About Cookies
    Check your Internet options in the toolbar check cookies and make sure they are enabled, and leave the final window and pop-ups open for a few minutes in order for the advertisers to have time to credit you.

    But please, please, clear cookies before going on to more offers!

    I love this program. It's a great tool when filling out surveys. I
    strongly suggest downloading roboform at
    It takes all the tedious time out of filling out surveys. With one click it will do everything for you. Also- a great added benefit: when you get to the pages where you have to mark yes or no, if you hold down the Alt and = keys at the same time it will automatically fill in all the no circles for you! With roboform you can enter your name, address etc. automatically. This is much easier and you can complete
    offers much more quickly.

    When doing email/zip submits all you need to do is either
    enter your zip code or email (remember a new one
    each time). After you get to the next page you are finished.
    There is nothing more you need to do with that offer. In
    regards to surveys, when you reach a thank you page or
    something similar you have reached the end of the survey
    and it is completed. Please remember to always use valid information when filling out offers.

    One more thing:
    Use a valid phone or voicemail, and make sure your name is
    in the greeting. If a company calls and its not a real
    phone number or your name is not in the greeting the
    offer will not be credited and could be determined as fraud.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A quick intro here about me:

I'm a single mom, going through a nasty divorce-
I love youtube and love making videos.
My dream is to be able to continue working from home so I can raise my baby.

I also will never put my life in anyone's hands...ie: "men". Don't think I will ever be able to trust again, or at least not for a very long time.

Here are some links to my youtube channels:
(Side Note: Jan 21, 2012) It's been 5 years now since I was LonelyHouseWife35, and I totally lost her password/email login to this youtube account.)
(Side Note: Jan 21, 2012) The Chick Channel is still ACTIVE, she is 6 years old and growing strong!

Tips & Tricks

OK.... I am really having fun now with cashcrate! I have discovered that doing surveys really does pay you, but read the forums over at cashcrate for hints and suggestions on filling them out. A little research will pay off at the end!

Here is what I have learned so far:

  • Be accurate, don't lie on the surveys or you will be removed from cashcrate.
  • For most surveys you have to confirm your email
  • Refer, refer, refer.... you make the most money by getting others to sign up under you!
  • Google free ads to place your cashcrate link and info
  • Blog about it
  • Make friends and network with other cashcrate members
Here is the link to cashcrate:

Just when I'm about to give up.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for checking my blog out.

This is going to be my tips, tricks, and lessons about how I am trying to make money while being a single stay at home mom.

I look forward to meeting others like me and sharing info to help each other out.

So far this link here is the best I have found that really pays you each month, and the time invested is minimal.

(Side Note:  Jan 21, 2012)
I've grown out of doing online surveys and gpt sites. But hey, they sure helped me when I needed it.

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